Outdoor Shutters Measuring Instructions

It's of course very important that you measure precisely the space into which your Fit-Yourself Shutter is going to be secured.

The shutters we customise for you, based on the specifications you give us, cannot be adjusted once we've delivered them to you.We can promise and guarantee that we'll send you your customised shutters precisely as per your detailed order. But we can't guarantee that the measurements you've sent us are correct.
  1. Our shutters generally have a shutter panel attached (hinged) to a frame.
  2. The panel consists of louvres which swivel open and closed.
  3. There are stiles which run vertically on the sides and rails which run horizontally along the top and bottom of the shutter.
  4. Panels with a height greater than 1800mm will include a divider rail.
  5. This adds strength to the construction and added support to each shutter panel.
  6. It also allows you to open the top louvres while keeping the bottom ones closed.
  7. See the diagram for a clearer understanding of the component parts.

Single Panel Shutter

Single panel Indoor Shutter

Two Panel Shutter

Two panel Indoor Shutter with frame

How to measure for Recess Fit Shutters

Naturally, an inside-mounted shutter sits within your window frame. Many regard it as the sleeker and more modern way to install one's shutters, providing you have sufficient depth. There are three inside-mount frame options possible:

Note: It's critical to note there are minimum depth requirements for our Fit-Yourself Shutters to ensure they fit flush with the wall ( please refer to the chart below). If your window opening doesn't meet this minimum requirement, you MUST use an Outside Mount Frame.
  Minimum Depth Requirements
Blade L-frame Z-frame
63mm Blades 60mm 60mm
89mm Blades 72mm 72mm
115mm Blades 89mm 89mm

If installation occurs in a window opening without a protruding sill, the inside-mounted Z-Frame will extend around 28mm onto the face of the wall - See Illustration 2. However, if the sill is protruding, the base of your shutter frame will end at the top of the sill - See Illustration 1.

The decorative trim face of the Z-Frame will cover most of the apparent inconsistencies or any light gaps created due to the window frame not being precisely 'square' and will hide deviations of up to 5mm on either side of the frame

Inside Frame - Non Proturding Sill

Illustration 1

Inside Frame - Proturding Sill

Illustration 2

Note: It's easy to measure accurately the size of shutter you'll need to fit your window space perfectly but your attention-to-detail is critical. You must use a steel measuring tape and measure each and every window space as they may well all be slightly different sizes even though they appear identical.
Inside Frame - Proturding Sill

Illustration 1

Inside Frame - Non Proturding Sill

Illustration 2

First, please refer to the Minimum Depth Requirements chart. gruntPlease note that special attention should be given to window openings which have:

  1. Sloping window sills
  2. Window cranks
  3. Latches
  4. Security devices
  5. Removeable screens

Any one of these may obstruct the shutter frame. When measuring for our Inside Mount Shutters ensure you have the proper clearance depth shown above, based on your measurement to the front of the nearest obstruction. If you have any queries, please contact us.


You'll need to measure the width of each window opening in three places: the top, middle and bottom, as shown in Illustrations A and B.

  1. Take the smallest of the three measurements and write it down on a piece of paper.
  2. This width size is the size you will need to order, without making any deductions to it.
  3. Our factory will make a minor deduction to each accurate size you give us to allow for easy installation.

Measure each window's height in three places: across the top, middle and bottom, as shown in Illustrations A and B. Then, take the smallest measurement and use this as the size you place on your order to us. Our factory will make a minor deduction to this height measurement to allow for easy installation of you new shutter.

Height and width adjustments needed

Our factory will make any necessary adjustments needed to enable easy self-fitting of your blind. Do not make any adjustments to your measurements. Just send us the precise dimensions you measured carefully.

Important note if the height of your shutter is over 1800mm

If your shutter height is greater than 1800mm it will automatically include a centred divider rail.

How to measure for Face Fit Shutters

Face fit with protruding sill

Face fit with non protruding sill

Important not about the importance of accurate measuring

Our Fit-Yourself Shutters are very easy to install but it's essential that the measurement of the window space into which they need to fit, to be very precise. You MUST use a steel measuring tape and measure each and every window, regardless of whether or not they appear identical. In most cases, they won't be.

Our Outside Mounted Fit-Yourself shutter will come to you without and deductions to the sizes you specified on your order to us. When ordering your Outside Mounted shutter, ensure that you specify the 'finished sizes', including the frame.


When determining the finished width of your Fit-Yourself Shutter, make sure you measure the OUTSIDE edge of the architrave ( as shown in the diagram above).


When measuring a window with no sill, please ensure that you measure the edge of the architrave using a steel measure. Measure from the top of the sill to the very top edge of the architrave ( as shown in the diagram above).