2-IN-1 Curtains and Blinds In One Product With Vertisheer Blinds

This designer product combines the softness of sheer curtains with the chic appearance of sheer blinds, creating one superior window treatment.

Vertisheer blinds are a popular choice when replacing bedroom curtains or living room curtains due to their elegant appearance and versatile functionality. This part-curtain-part-blind product features vertical blockout fabric panels which are also connected to sheer fabric. With a simple twist of the innovative cord and chain mechanism, you can rotate the fabric panels open to allow natural light to enter the room. Or, simply close the panels to enjoy your privacy and darken the interior.

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Wondering how to clean vertisheer blinds? Even though these sheer fabric blinds have a complex design, they're incredibly easy to maintain. All you need to do is brush them occasionally to make sure they stay free of any dust or debris.

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