Timber-Look Venetian Blinds With PVC Durability

If you love the natural look of wood but want a more durable, water-resistant product for all rooms of the home, then consider timber-look blinds. These blinds have the charming appearance of a wooden blind with the ability to withstand moisture, steam and splashes in rooms like the bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

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Here at Half Price Blinds, our timber-look Venetian blinds are made from hard-wearing PVC, which is a durable, water-resistant material. Our timber-look Venetian blinds also come complete with a 70mm pelmet fascia to ensure that the blinds are neat and stylish when installed.

In addition to a stylish appearance, PVC timber-look Venetians are also incredibly easy to clean. Simply wipe the slats with a damp cloth every couple of months to keep the blinds looking as good as new.