Why Aluminium Shutters?

Aluminium shutters have long been a favourite with homeowners around Australia due to their durable nature and stylish appearance. Not only are these shutters suitable for both classic and contemporary style homes, they also have a low-maintenance and incredibly robust design.

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Aluminium shutters continue to be a popular choice for external shutters, but they are also a great choice for internal shutters. This is due to the tasteful design and also the benefits of the material. Aluminium is a heavy-duty material which can withstand long-term use and the harsh Australian climate. It's also water resistant and won't crack, warp or peel in moist or humid conditions, meaning these modern shutters can be placed in wet areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens.

What sets our aluminium shutters apart from the rest is our premium Privacy Plus design. This style features 90mm slats which offers superior levels of privacy and light control, blocking 70% more light than traditional shutters. For these reasons, Privacy Plus shutters are perfect for the bedroom and bathroom.

Here at Half Price Blinds, we offer Privacy Plus aluminium plantation shutters in a wide range of colours including black, white, cream and grey. So, if you're looking for durable indoor shutters for your home, don't hesitate to get in touch.