Why Curtains?

While curtains may be a more traditional style of window treatment, there's no doubt that they're still very much in style! Whether your home's interior is classic or modern, curtains will add softness to any room while providing functional benefits.

One of the main reasons to install curtains and blinds is to add a layer of insulation over your windows. Window curtains and drapes (particularly blockout curtains) can help to keep any room cooler by reducing the amount of light that enters through the glass. Curtains also help to keep rooms warmer by preventing heat from escaping your home. Consider installing bedroom curtains or living room curtains to enjoy benefits such as additional privacy, reduced glare and light control. Sheer curtains are ideal for common living spaces as they allow large amounts of natural light in the room, while protecting your furnishings from sun damage.

Shop Curtains Online

At Half Price Blinds, we don't sell ready made curtains or drapes. All of our contemporary curtains are custom made to fit your windows perfectly. Compared to ready made curtains, custom made window curtains can be hung in a style that suits your home. Whether that be floor-to-ceiling or to the size of the window - the choice is yours to make!

Offered in a variety of fashionable, modern colours to complement any room's decor, our range of curtains showcase exceptional craftsmanship. For your convenience, you can also buy our curtains online. And, best of all, they're also made in Australia! That means no lengthy shipping times after ordering your new curtains online, plus the added benefit of supporting the local economy.