Kitchen Trends 2021: Stay on-trend and under budget

Kitchen Trends 2021: Stay on-trend and under budget

We've covered how to design your dream laundry and now we're moving on to the heart of the home! More important than ever before, our kitchens are a place of comfort. A place to make, bake, prepare and share meals with your loved ones - no matter what's happening in the outside world.

If you're looking to update your kitchen design, we've compiled a few of our favourite kitchen trends for 2021 and beyond!

Kitchen Trends 2021


Huge on Pinterest, TikTok and in our hearts, is the interior design slash lifestyle trend known as cottagecore. If it's rustic, cosy and easily romanticised, it can be classified as cottagecore.

To bring a little cottagecore into your kitchen design, look for natural fibres, warm colours, dried flower arrangements and symmetrical patterns (like those found in plantation shutters, vertical blinds or venetian blinds).

Read more about trending TikTok interior trends here.

Circular dining tables

These days, it's hip to be... round! Scroll through any trendy interior design Insta page or flick through a home and decor magazine and you'll notice that round tables are the shape of the moment.

Why round over rectangular, you ask? For starters, circular tables offer more versatility in smaller spaces. They're also ideal for creating more intimate settings when dining, as all your guests can see each other and converse with greater ease. To elevate the appearance of your round dining table, add an zeye-catching centrepiece in the form of flowers, bowl of fruit or candle arrangement.

Indoor herb gardens

Even if you live in the tiniest of apartments, you'll be able to grow the indoor herb garden of your dreams. Aside from being able to elevate any dish with fresh herbs, they're also a great way to save money and cut down on plastic waste!

Here are some of the best herbs to grow indoors and how to help them flourish.

The natural look

We're starting to see a shift away from the cold, industrial kitchens that were in-vogue in previous years. Wrought iron and exposed fixtures are out‚ wood grains and warm hues are in!

Interior design styles that favour a more organic look feature neutral or warm colour palettes, curved lines and natural materials. Of course, natural materials aren't always as durable as their synthetic counterparts. But you can still achieve the same look with faux timber products, like our timber-look nova blinds. These blinds are ideal if you want the natural look of wood in your kitchen, as they have the appearance of a wooden blind with the ability to withstand moisture, steam and splashes.

Other Blinds for the Kitchen

Your blinds have to battle smoke, steam and splashes, so it's essential to pick a sturdy material when buying blinds for the kitchen. That means opting for blinds over kitchen window curtains!

Roller Blinds: Rollers will suit just about any kitchen area and provide excellent light and privacy control. Better still, our kitchen roller blinds are made from durable acrylic-coated polyester to increase their lifespan.

Double Roller Blinds: Level up your kitchen roller blinds by adding another fabric layer! Double roller blinds are made from durable and waterproof polyester, so you know they'll be easy to clean and take care of once installed.

Aluminium Venetians and Shutters: Aluminium is a highly durable material resistant to fading, peeling or warping. As moisture and mess are a common occurrence in the kitchen, opting for water-resistant blinds or shutters is the way to do.

Learn more about the best blinds for your kitchen here or for tips on creating a more organised kitchen, check out this blog.

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