10 ways to beautify your home on a budget

10 ways to beautify your home on a budget

Creating a high-end looking home can be tricky with limited cash. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to style your home without splurging.

The key to revamping your home's decor without emptying your pockets is to try and focus on small changes that will have a big impact. Keep reading for some of our favourite budget home improvements.

10 DIY home decor ideas and tips

    1. Declutter

Before you add any new elements to your decor, channel your inner Marie Kondo, take a step back and consider what you might want to get rid of. Dated, worn or damaged items could be bringing the overall look down, so it might be high time you replaced or removed such items altogether.

To make things easier, go from room to room and make a note of anything that needs replacing, from chipped dinner sets to daggy blinds or curtains. When it comes to replacing your window treatments, here are 6 of the best budget blinds to buy.

    1. Get creative

When you're working on a shoestring budget, it's the best time to switch on the right side of your brain. Look to items you can repurpose and embellishments you can make without breaking the bank.

For example: Turn an empty wine or spirit bottle into a new vase! If your recent tipple came in an eye-catching bottle, give it a rinse, wash the labels off with a bit of warm soapy water and place a few dried or fresh flowers inside.

Or, hit up your local craft store for some paint. Consider adding metallic finishes to tired -looking photo frames or sanding back old timber furniture and painting it a fresh new shade.

    1. Try DIY

A quick and easy way to decorate on a dime is to do it yourself! Updating old fixtures, especially in the kitchen, is a great place to start. Knobs, handles and drawer pulls are small, inexpensive details that give your home that high-end energy.

DIY blinds, curtains and shutters are also a great way to get the designer look without the price tag. At Half Price Blinds, we sell a huge range of quality window treatments in a huge range of styles. You can find out more about install your own blinds in our helpful guide.

    1. Stylish sheers

Dreamy sheer curtains are a sure-fire way to bring refined elegance to any room. Available in a range of white, cream or grey shades, our sheer curtains will let in an abundance of natural light, protect your privacy, and best of all, add instant luxury.

    1. Upcycle

Looking to replace or add some items to your home? They don't have to be new! In fact, up cycled items often add much more character. Op shops can be a great place to find quality, affordable second-hand homewares to elevate your space. Look to items made from glass or china for that luxury look, you might be surprised by what you can pick up!

    1. Ask around

Friends or family recently purchased new glassware? What about a new bed frame or dinner set? Ask them what they're doing with the original! You'll often find that they were simply planning on taking the old items to the tip, their local charity store or even just on the verge for council collection. So, why not get in first and nab a bargain for you home.

    1. Go neutral

If you prefer to buy new, opt for classic pieces in neutral colours to extend the lifespan of your furnishings, fixtures and decor. A neutral colour palette is not only timeless, it also gives the impression that you are thoughtful and sophisticated in the decoration of your home.

    1. Split the shipping

Eyeing off an item online? See if anyone you know might be interested doing a joint order so that you can share the shipping costs. If you're looking to buy some new window treatments for your home, you'll be glad to find out we already offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $199 (excluding curtains and outdoor blinds).

    1. Boujee bathroom

A luxurious home doesn't just involve the look, you should feel luxurious living there! Start by ditching your dingy old towels and replacing them with crisp, clean linens.

Another tip is to fill fancy-looking glass dispensers with hand soaps, moisturisers and cleansers. Even if the products inside aren't fancy, you'll still feel like a million bucks pumping them out of a pretty glass bottle!

    1. Shop around

Before you buy anything new, be sure to shop around for the best possible bargain. Many places (like us!) offer price beat guarantees so that their customers get the best possible price. You can find out more about the Half Price Blinds 10% price beat guarantee on our website.

Considering buying new window treatments online? Find out everything you need to know by reading our blog or by reading our FAQs. Or, you can get in touch via Facebook or by calling my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041 and they'll beat any competing in-store or online blinds quote you may have by a huge 10 percent!

You can find all of our shutters, awnings, curtains and blinds online for the lowest prices, guaranteed. Plus, we deliver Australia-wide from Perth to the east coast and offer free shipping on metro orders over $449. For all other orders, shipping is $27.


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