Harvey's Hacks: How to design your dream laundry room

Harvey's Hacks: How to design your dream laundry room

Let's face it, the laundry is never going to your favourite room in the house. After all, there are pretty few among us who actually like cleaning! However, there are a few tips, tricks and ideas to take on board to make doing your laundry a slightly more enjoyable experience.

Keep reading for our list of our top tips for creating the ultimate laundry.

How to Design a Laundry Room: 4 Modern Laundry Room Ideas

  1. Easy breezy

    If you want to improve the functionality of your laundry room, ventilation and sunlight are two important (but often overlooked) factors. The key reason being that laundry rooms are frequently exposed to moisture, which can easily breed mould without the presence of light and fresh air.

    To keep your laundry room fresh and mould-free, ensure you have adequate ventilation through a window and/or an exhaust fan. If you don't have a window, consider installing a skylight to increase natural light and even boost your mood while you're cleaning.

  2. Suitable blinds and shutters

    Another way to increase natural light and ventilation is with the right window treatments! Laundry room blinds are similar to bathroom blinds, in that they need to be water or moisture-resistant and hardwearing (timber is a no-go)!

    Choose durable styles made from aluminium or coated PVC, like our aluminium shutters, woodlux Venetian blinds or vertical blinds.

  3. Power up

    When designing or renovating your laundry room, be sure to add more power points than you think you'll need. It's a minor detail that will make your laundry more functional as technology advances. For example, an extra power point in your broom cupboard will allow easy charging of a stick vacuum cleaner while it's stored away.

  4. Double the fun(ction)

    If you have the space, we'd always recommend installing two laundry troughs side by side. Double troughs mean you can easily soak in one, and wash/store in the other without any inconvenience. If you have little ones (or are planning to) we guarantee this will be an absolute game changer.

How to Organise a Laundry Room: 4 Laundry Room Storage Ideas

  1. Pull-out laundry hampers

    Keep your laundry room floor as clutter-free as possible with some handy pull-out hampers. There are a range of different sizes available to suit different layouts, plus custom options like double hampers which are great for sorting lights and darks.

  2. Collapsible ironing board

    Not only is it a pain to put away a free-standing ironing board, but it can also be an eyesore in an otherwise modern laundry room. Thankfully, there are a collection of boards out there that can either fold away neatly into a drawer, or fold down from a wall or cabinet when required.

  3. Laundry room cabinets

    Adding some extra storage in the form of overhead cupboards is a sure-fire way to declutter your laundry room. Overheads are widely available in flat pack form and affordable, too - just be prepared to get your DIY on! Once your new laundry cabinets are installed, use them to store cleaning products, toilet paper, linens and more.

  4. Hooks and hanging rails

    Another easy and affordable way to increase your laundry room storage is to install a hanging rail. Use it to dry clothes on their hangers, drip dry delicates, or even to hang cleaning items you need to frequently access.

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