DIY Room Decor: 4 Styles Trending on TikTok

DIY Room Decor: 4 Styles Trending on TikTok

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Love it or loathe it, TikTok is here to stay (for now, anyway). For those who haven't yet jumped on the trend (or simply refuse to download the app), there's much more to it than just dancing and Gen Z in-jokes. This platform can actually be a surprising source of inspiration when it comes to cooking, culture and home decor ideas.

Keep reading as we delve into some trending interior styles and talk you through how to bring them to life.

Our Favourite On-Trend Decor Styles

  1. Japandi

    After a long reign as the 'it' home aesthetic, minimalism has given rise to a number of exciting new interior styles. One of these styles includes the hybrid-aesthetic of 'Japandi' which combines the modern-rustic elements of Scandinavian design with Japanese refinement. This trend keeps lines clean, focusing on form and function complemented with natural textures and subtle pops of colour.

    The key to nailing this look is focusing on decor that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This look also has a strong focus on eco-friendly, earthy aesthetics. When it comes to furnishings, look to natural materials like linen, jute or timber, like our cedar Venetian blinds which are made from rich cedar to bring warmth and character to your home.

  2. Naturalism

    The wellness wave is one that's well and truly being ridden by a number of content creators on TikTok - including interior designers! This aesthetic is wholly inspired by nature, aiming to mimic the sounds, smells and lighting that can be experienced in the natural world around us.

    As this look promotes a greater sense of calm and tranquillity in the home, it's popular in areas where you relax (i.e your bedroom or living space). To execute the look, an abundance of sunlight is key and can be achieved with the help of light filtering curtains and blinds. Styles such as sheer curtains and vertical blinds are popular choices as they can easily be pushed aside to flood the room with sunlight.

  3. Cottagecore

    Less of an interior design style and more of a lifestyle aesthetic, cottagecore favours the simple things in life. If it's rustic, cosy and easily romanticised, it can be classified as cottagecore.

    To bring a little cottagecore into your home decor, look for natural fibres, warm colours, dried flower arrangements and symmetrical patterns (like those found in plantation shutters, vertical blinds or Venetian blinds). And of course, having a tray of freshly baked goods cooling by the window doesn't hurt either!

  4. Mid-century modernism

    If it's well-made and looks like it could be from your grandparents' home, then it's probably mid-century modernism! This term is used to broadly describe furniture, decor and design elements from the middle of the 20th century.

    Favouring materials made from timber, steel and leather, quality craftsmanship is key to nailing this look. To make your window treatments mesh with mid-century modern decor, look to styles like plantation shutters. This classic window treatment can be custom made in your choice of durable aluminium or timeless basswood (timber). If you want to read more reasons to choose aluminium shutters, check out our blog!.

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