Best Blinds for Your Kitchen

Best Blinds for Your Kitchen

Blinds in your kitchen need to be durable and resilient to last! From grease and splashes, it's important that these blinds are waterproof, easy to clean and won't hold on to any smells.

It's also equally important that you can maintain your privacy while you're cooking up a storm!

Keep reading to find the perfect modern kitchen blinds for the heart of your home.

Why install kitchen blinds?

Just like any other room in your home, your kitchen needs blinds. Having blinds allows you to control the incoming light, gives you much needed privacy, and helps protect your countertops from fading due to constant and direct sunlight.

Best kitchen blind options

The blinds we recommend for kitchens are: 

  1. Timber-look blinds and Woodlux blinds
  2. Aluminium Venetians
  3. Roller blinds or Double Roller blinds
  4. Roman blinds

Things to consider when choosing kitchen blinds

When choosing the right kitchen blind, there are a few things you need to consider, which will help you make the right decision.

Do you cook a lot?

As we all know, cooking can result in a lot of smoke, steam, and grease in the kitchen. If you've chosen the wrong material, all of these elements can significantly reduce the lifespan of your blinds, so it's essential to pick blinds made from a sturdy material like aluminium or PVC.

Does your kitchen face a busy street?

If your kitchen faces a busy street, gets direct sunlight, or if you want to increase your privacy, Roller blinds are a great option.

These stylish, modern indoor blinds will suit just about any kitchen space and provide excellent light and privacy control. Customise your Roller blinds with a sunscreen fabric layer to keep out prying eyes and protect you from harsh, direct sunlight.

Whether you prefer classic rollers, or Double Roller blinds, these are both excellent choices for the kitchen. These premium quality blinds are made from durable and waterproof polyester, so you know they'll be easy to clean and take care of once you've installed them. Plus, if you ever need to replace the Roller blind fabric, you'll be glad to know that the process is simple and affordable.

Roman blinds are also a great choice for privacy in the kitchen. While these indoor blinds are not quite as low maintenance as other options, they make up for it with their effortless style. They come complete with a simple chain system that is operated by a simple twist. This raises the blinds to your desired height and allows you to block light out or let it stream into your kitchen.

Are your windows close to the sink or cooktop?

If your windows are close to the sink, they'll constantly be exposed to water splashes, which means any blinds placed here will need to be made from a water resistant material.

Natural woods, while are a nice option aesthetically, aren’t great for areas exposed to water, steam, or humidity. If your kitchen has a timber finish to it and you want your blinds to match, Timber-look Venetians or Woodlux blinds are a great alternative.

Both of these blinds give you the look of wood however, are made from PVC, which is a man-made material that's significantly more durable.

Made from a non-corrosive material protected by naturally occurring oxide film, Aluminium Venetians are as durable as indoor blinds come and are another great option to consider for your kitchen.

Resistant to fading, peeling, or warping, you won't have any hassles when it comes to water splashes or cooking around these blinds.

Want to enjoy the view while you cook?

No one wants to look at a blank wall while they're cooking, which is why Vertical blinds are a great kitchen blind.

Once installed, you can control the position of the vertical slats to suit your needs. With the right angle, you can easily stop people from seeing inside your home, without completely blocking your own view.

How to clean kitchen blinds

The best way to clean kitchen blinds is to keep up a regular cleaning schedule to prevent the build-up of any materials.

If you have Aluminium blinds, wiping them over with a cloth and warm soapy water is the simplest way to keep these blinds looking brand new.

Other blinds like Verticals and Roller blinds should only be wiped over with a damp cloth (try use a little water as possible). Remember to always following the cleaning instructions that come with your blinds!

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