Harvey's Hacks: 7 Tips for an Organised Kitchen

Harvey's Hacks: 7 Tips for an Organised Kitchen

Whether you're a master chef or a master of mess, keeping your kitchen organised is crucial. It can help you save money (less food waste), plus time when cooking, meal planning and even cleaning the kitchen. So, if your kitchen is more cluttered than cook-friendly, here are 7 different organisational tips to try out.

Feature the frequently used

Whether you cook twice a day or twice a month, every kitchen has a few key items used to prepare and eat meals regularly. To save you from making a mess every time you reach into the cupboard, place any frequently used items in easy-to-reach places.

Colour coordinate

If your home is on the smaller side, this is a great tip to take on board. Even if you are struggling to find somewhere to put all of your appliances and crockery, colour-coordination will help to make the space look slightly more seamless.

Apply this to any area of your kitchen possible, from your cups to your kitchen window coverings. Here at Half Price Blinds, we offer kitchen window blinds (including popular styles like double roller blinds, Roman blinds and shutters) in a wide range of neutral shades to suit any style of home.

Opt for open shelving

If you have crockery and cookbooks worth showcasing, open shelving is the option for you. This unique style of storage will also help to open up the kitchen space and bring a sense of character to the room. Just make sure to give these shelves a proper clean every so often, as they'll collect more dust and dirt than regular closed cupboards.

Cut out cords

When it comes to covering your kitchen windows, you won't find better window furnishings than aluminium shutters. Aluminium is an incredibly low-maintenance and lightweight material, so you can enjoy them (with minimal fuss and cleaning) for many years to come. With high-tech powder coating, these water-resistant shutters are the perfect choice for the kitchen which is exposed to steam and moisture.

Better still, aluminium shutters are operated by rotating the louvres manually, meaning no cords or chains that will add further clutter to chaotic kitchens.

Reduce 'word pollution'

What is word pollution, you ask? Well, this term refers to any excess visual information that adds to the unnecessary clutter in your kitchen. Think food labels and cleaning product packaging. By eliminating excess visual info, you can make any space more modern and minimal in an instant.

Some easy ways to put this tip into practise is to transfer dry goods into large glass jars or containers. Transferring hand soaps and sanitisers into clear product pumps is another simple yet satisfying solution.

Lovely labels

Once you've transferred food and other products into clear storage containers, it's also worth adding labels to each item. This makes for easy identification, particularly when it comes to easily confused items such as spices and flours. Either print some off or get crafty and handwrite your own set of labels.

Free up the fridge

This one is a tip that the Internet's fave declutter queen, Marie Kondo, swears by. Even though a fully stocked fridge produces a sense of satisfaction, it can also lead to excess waste. By keeping your fridge roughly 30 per cent empty, this will allow you to see all of its contents, plus allows extra room for any leftovers.

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