Guide to Day and Night blinds

Guide to Day and Night blinds

What are day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds are a type of indoor blind designed to help filter light during the day, and provide blockout at night. This is done by the combination of sheer fabric for day use, and blockout fabric for night time.

While all blinds can be used for day and night coverage, there are some indoor blinds that are much better at providing excellent coverage during the day and night.

Types of day and night blinds

The two best day and night blinds are Vision blinds and Double roller blinds.

Vision blinds

Vision blinds (also known as zebra blinds) are an elegant blind option for your home, made up of horizontal slats of alternating opaque and translucent fabric. These slatted blinds allow plenty of natural light to enter the room, without compromising on privacy.

It's for this reason that Vision blinds are a popular choice for areas like the lounge room or study.

Double roller blinds

Double roller blinds

Double roller blinds (also known as Dual roller blinds) are another versatile option for your home, giving you plenty of light control. These blinds combine two different fabric options into one blind system.

Typically, the roller closest to the window is often a sheer or sunscreen fabric, as this helps to drastically reduce the strength and intensity of incoming light. The second fabric is usually a blockout fabric to give your space complete darkness when needed.

Double roller blinds are perfect for living areas, bedrooms, and nurseries!

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The benefits of choosing day and night blinds

  • These blinds give you twice the coverage in one blind.
  • They provide much better night-time coverage, something that tends to get overlooked.
  • They are a great option for anyone who is a light sleeper or sensitive to any incoming light.
  • They combine two blinds in one, making your windows have a cleaner finish.
  • They are elegant-looking blinds with plenty of colour and design options to suit your home decor.

Are day and night blinds expensive?

Day and night blinds are an affordable blind option for your home as they combine multiple features into one product, all for the price of one blind.

How to clean day and night blinds

Keeping your day and night blinds clean means they can work more effectively to give you 24/7 light control, as well as looking newer and lasting for much longer.

Cleaning your blinds doesn’t need to be a time consuming task. Most of the time, you can dust them over regularly and they’ll keep their clean look. Sometimes it’s good to give them a deeper clean to remove any hidden dust or dirt.

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Where to install day and night blinds

Day night blinds are best installed in rooms where you have a lot of natural light during the day and want blockout at night, such as living areas and bedrooms.

Fitting your day and night blinds

Day and night blinds can be installed inside the window recess, or as a face fitting blind. A face fitting blind sits over the window and can provide a little bit more light coverage if you want to avoid the small gap between the edge of the blind and the recess frame.

There’s no right decision when it comes to how you install your blinds, it’s all personal preference.

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