Care and Cleaning Tips for Household Blinds, Curtains and Shutters

Care and Cleaning Tips for Household Blinds, Curtains and Shutters

Why regular cleaning of window coverings is important

Cleaning your window coverings regularly not only helps them to last longer, but it also helps reduce any build-up of dust or mould particles in your home, which can impact your health!

How often do you need to clean your blinds?

There’s no set number of times your window coverings should be cleaned. The main consideration is how dusty your home is. If you don’t have as much, your coverings probably don’t need to be dusted more than once a month.

Quick blind cleaning

Quick blind cleaning should be a regular addition to your home cleaning, simply involving wiping them over with a cloth to remove any particles that are sitting on the material. You can also use a feather duster if you prefer, which might also be helpful for any hard to reach places.

Deep blind cleaning

Deep cleaning is where a lot more time goes into the process of cleaning your window coverings. This can sometimes involve taking down your curtains and giving them a gentle hand wash, or even wiping over the coverings with a damp soapy cloth.

Extending the lifespan of your blinds

Leaving your blinds in one position too long can lead to multiple problems such as the blinds getting stuck in a raised or lowered position or not being able to rotate properly.

Frequent movement can prolong the life of your blinds so it's important to make sure they move often in all the ways they were designed to. Pull fabric blinds up and down or rotate the louvres or slats of shutters, Venetians, and Vertical blinds in every direction every once in a while.

To further prolong the life of your blinds and other window coverings, always use the operating device (control chain, cords, or wand) to keep them in alignment and functioning the way they were designed to!

Cleaning Roller blinds and other fabric blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most practical and cost-effective window treatments you can buy. But, just like anything else in your home, they can easily accumulate dirt and dust. Luckily, cleaning Roller blinds is simple, just follow these three steps.

  1. Roll your blinds down so that the full length of the fabric is extended. This will ensure no area of the fabric is left covered in dust or debris!
  2. Wet a cloth and gently wipe down the surface. Make sure you wipe both sides of the fabric and allow time for the blind to dry (to avoid further mould build-up) before rolling them back up.
  3. Finally, don't forget to wipe around the blinds, as dust can easily collect around the corners of the fixture.

You can follow a similar cleaning guide for Roman blinds and Panel blinds as well.

How to clean blind slats with a sock

Did you know that you can easily clean your blinds with things you probably already have lying around the house? 

If you're wondering how to clean slatted blinds like Venetian blinds or Vertical blinds, simply grab a vacuum from the cupboard, put on the brush attachment and vacuum the slats one by one.

Then, give them a wipe down with a microfibre towel and a bowl of warm, soapy water rather than an expensive blind cleaner or stain detergent.

If you don't have a vacuum or microfibre towel handy, you can just as easily substitute the vacuum for a feather duster and the microfiber towel for a single (clean) sock. Put the sock on your hand and run it along any surface to pick up dust for clean blinds in a flash. Easy!

Living room with a green couch and white sheer curtains

Cleaning curtains

Cleaning and maintaining curtains is essential to keep them looking fresh and extending their lifespan.

Follow these steps to clean and maintain your curtains effectively!

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  2. Mild detergent or curtain-specific cleaner
  3. Warm water
  4. Soft, clean cloth or sponge
  5. Bucket or basin
  6. Ladder or step stool (if necessary)
  7. Mild fabric freshener (optional) 

Step 1: Check the label 

Before you start cleaning, check the care label which comes with your curtains for specific cleaning recommendations. Some curtains may require special care or may be labelled as dry-clean only.

Step 2: Remove dust and debris 

Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris from your curtains, starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure to pay extra attention to pleats and folds as this is where dust tends to accumulate.

Alternatively, you can shake the curtains outdoors to remove loose dirt.

Step 3: Spot clean stains

If you notice any stains or spots on your curtains, spot clean them immediately to prevent the stain from setting.

Start this process by mixing a mild detergent with warm water in a bucket or basin.

Before applying it to visible areas of your curtains, test the solution on a hidden area of the curtain to ensure it doesn't cause any damage or discoloration. If it's safe, dip a soft, clean cloth or sponge into the soapy water and gently blot the stain, working from the outside in to avoid spreading it. Then rinse the area using clean water and blot it dry with a clean cloth.

Step 4: Remove and wash (if possible)

If your curtains are machine washable, follow these steps:

  • Remove the curtains from the rods or tracks.
  • Place them in a pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag to protect them from tangling or snagging.
  • Wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.
  • Hang the curtains back up immediately after washing to prevent wrinkles. You can also iron or steam them if necessary.

Step 5: Hand wash delicate curtains 

For delicate or sheer curtains that can't be machine washed, fill a basin with cold water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Gently immerse your curtains and swish them around for a few minutes. After this, rinse with cold water until the detergent is completely removed. Gently squeeze out excess water and hang them to air dry.

Step 6: Regular Maintenance 

To maintain your curtains between cleanings:

  • Vacuum them regularly to remove dust and prevent it from settling.
  • Rotate your curtains periodically to ensure even wear and fading.
  • Avoid exposing your curtains to direct sunlight for extended periods, as this can cause fading.
  • If your curtains have pleats or folds, adjust them regularly to prevent creases from becoming permanent.

Step 7: Use fabric freshener (optional) 

If your curtains have absorbed any odours, you can use a mild fabric freshener or simply hang them outside in the fresh air for a few hours to help refresh them naturally. 

By following these steps, you can keep your curtains clean and well-maintained, enhancing the overall look of your home while extending the life of your curtains!

Removing and preventing mould build-up on your blinds and curtains

Mould forming on your blinds is not only unsightly, but it can also be harmful to your health. Mould thrives in damp areas such as windows, where there is dust, dirt, or organic material, that's why the number one way to reduce mould is to open your windows regularly.

By opening the windows at least once a day, this allows the mould spores to escape and lets patches of condensation dry out.

If you've already got some mould forming in your windows, curtains and blinds, here are some mould removal cleaning tips.

Cleaning mouldy curtains

Before turning to commercial anti-mould products often containing harsh chemicals, start the mould removal process by vacuuming the fabric to remove mildew spores.

Then, try dabbing the mildew spots with a paste made from lemon juice and salt. Once the paste has been applied, give the curtains a thorough wash in the machine (following the instructions which come with your curtains).

How to clean mould off blinds

Just like cleaning mouldy curtains, try this hack for cleaning blinds before you turn to chlorine-based bleach. Start by spot cleaning with detergent and water or some lemon juice for stubborn mould, then soak in hot water and air dry.

How to clean mould off fabric blinds

To clean mould off fabric blinds, lay them on a flat surface and use a soft brush to wipe away dry mould. Then, use a mild detergent solution to wipe the fabric, followed by a clean cloth washed in water. Finally, hang them up to air dry.

How to clean your blinds and curtains while they’re still hanging up

Wondering if you can clean your curtains without taking them down? You can! The trick is to use a vacuum cleaner on your curtains frequently to prevent excessive dust build-up.

Steam cleaning is another effective way to spruce up curtains. Better still, it can be done while the curtains are hanging up. To achieve the best result, work your way from the top to the bottom of the curtains.


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