Guide to Living Room Blinds

Guide to Living Room Blinds

What to consider when choosing window coverings for your living room

How much light control do you need?

A living area is a difficult room to choose window coverings for as you’re likely to want to let in plenty of light during the day, but also be able to block it out when you want to watch TV without any glare or if you want more privacy.

When choosing the right blind, we like to recommend ones which can give you both.

What’s your budget?

Knowing what your budget for new blinds is, helps you to work out how much you can spend per window, and therefore narrow down options that’ll not exceed how much you want to spend.

Regardless of what your budget is, there’s a blind or curtain option to suit!

Find out more about blinds for different budgets in our guide.

Curtains or blinds in living rooms?

A question we get asked a lot is whether curtains or blinds are best in living rooms?

While there’s no right or wrong choice for your living room window coverings, blinds can give your space that little bit extra light control than curtains can.

This is mainly because you can choose blinds with slats, meaning that you can angle them depending on how much light you need in that exact moment. With curtains, you’re slightly limited to either having them fully open or fully closed. Sheer curtains can help filter light, but they don’t provide blockout properties.

If you prefer the look of a curtain rather than a blind, consider Vertisheer blinds. This two in one product is a combination of a sheer curtain and a Vertical blind. When they’re installed, they look like curtain, however they give you more light control than a standard curtain will.

Which blinds are best for living rooms?

Here’s our top recommendations for living room blinds.

Double Roller blinds

Double Roller blinds are made with two rolls of fabric in one blind system.

The two rollers each have a different fabric option to give your space much more versatility in your light control. The most popular paring is a sunscreen fabric with a blockout fabric.

When you want light in your living room, you can choose to roll up both fabric pieces or you can choose to just roll up the blockout fabric. This will keep the sunscreen fabric covering your windows to soften incoming light and provide a bit more privacy.

Panel Glide blinds

For a more luxe look in your living room, consider Panel Glide blinds. Also referred to as Panel blinds, these window coverings are similar to Vertical blinds, except the vertical slats on panel blinds are much wider.

Panel blinds are perfect for blocking out light when you need it and can easily be slid out of the way when you want to let in light.

These blinds are a great option for sliding doors as well as windows.

Learn more about the versatility of Panel blinds in our blog.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are one of the best blockout blinds on the market. Available in a both translucent and blockout fabrics, these blinds are a great option for living rooms as they can give your space the light control it needs.

Learn more about Roman blinds in our blog.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a common and popular blind option for Australian homes due to their functionality and affordability.

These blinds are made up of multiple thin vertical slats, which hang from a track at the top of your window. Verticals are very effective at blocking out a lot of the light when they’re closed and can definitely reduce the glare on your screen.

When you want to let the light in, simply rotate the slats so that they’re open, and you’ll have plenty of incoming sunlight. 

Learn more about Vertical blinds in our blog.

Pairing curtains and blinds

Another effective window covering combinations is pairing curtains and blinds together. 

A common pairing is a blockout blind and a sheer curtain, however you can decide what to do based on the look you want to achieve, and the amount of light control you need.

Learn more about the process of pairing blinds and curtains in our blog.

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