Guide to Roller Blinds

Guide to Roller Blinds

What are Roller blinds?

Roller blinds are a classic and very popular indoor blind option, consisting of a single sheet of fabric on a roller system. This system is made up of a tube at the top of the window covering, an operating mechanism, and the fabric. 

This minimal, yet stylish design allows the fabric to roll away neatly onto the top tube whenever you’d like to sit back and enjoy the view.

The benefits of choosing Roller blinds

There are many benefits to choosing DIY Roller blinds!


Roller blinds are one of the most affordable blind offerings for your home. Frequently priced around $60, these blinds are great for anyone on a budget.

While they are priced at a lower price point, they are still a high quality blind option for your home.

Easy to clean

These blinds can easily be cleaned with a duster, or for a deeper clean, by wiping them over with a damp microfibre cloth and soapy water.

Low maintenance

Roller blinds are easy to keep clean and don’t require much additional maintenance once they’re installed. In fact, other than wiping them down regularly, you don’t need to worry about them again.


Roller blinds are very versatile, they can be installed in any room in your home with no issues.

While they are more suited to bedrooms, offices or living areas as they’re a fabric blind, they can be used in wet or humid areas, provided good ventilation measures are in place (i.e. always having a window open while showering so the steam has somewhere to escape).

Double Roller blinds

If you like the look of Roller blinds but need a stronger blockout option, Double Roller blinds might be the right fit for you. Double Rollers are also referred to as Dual Roller blinds, or day and night blinds.

Instead of only having one layer of fabric on your rollers, you have two. Popular fabric combinations include double blockout, or pairing blockout with a sunscreen fabric.

Lite Roller blinds

Lite Roller blinds are a new roller option, which are very similar to standard Roller blinds, with a few small changes.

These rollers have a smaller tube for the fabric to roll onto, so are best suited for windows up to 1.8m in width.

They are also a cheaper version, giving anyone with a lower budget the opportunity to purchase a good quality and versatile blind.                    

Roller blind fabric options

Depending on the primary need for each room, there will be a Roller blind option suitable for you!


Blockout fabric (as the name suggests) is used to block incoming light into a room.

If you’re after a fabric option for a nursery, any rooms where you need to reduce the glare on a screen, or where you prefer having a darkened space, blackout Roller blinds are a great option.


Sunscreen fabric is a good option for reducing and softening incoming light, while still brightening up your space.

This fabric is useful if you have a room in direct sunlight during the day. It’s also beneficial as it can reduce the amount of incoming and harmful UV rays, helping to protect your skin.

Another benefit of sunscreen fabric is that it helps minimise the amount your furniture fabric fades. When furniture is exposed to constant sunlight, fabric tends to fade, and the fibres weaken. Reducing sun exposure can expand your furniture’s lifespan.


Translucent fabric is great for letting in an abundance of natural light while maintaining privacy for your room. Translucent fabric is not quite completely see-through, which is how you can have both plenty of light and privacy in one blind.

Are Roller blinds child-safe?

While all window coverings at Half Price Blinds are designed to be child safe, meeting international standards, there are two control options which are safest for children (and pets). These are the Securo wand, or a motorised Roller blind.

Operating systems for Roller blinds

There are three options to choose from when selecting your preferred operating system for your Roller blinds. These are chain, Securo wand and motorised.

The default operating system for Roller blinds is using a chain. This is the most common system as chains are popular across many different blinds, and people don’t often know of alternative options.

The Securo wand

The Securo wand is a chain and clip device which secures a much shorter chain to the wall, preventing any young children or pets from playing with loose and dangling cords.

This method is specifically designed with children in mind, so if you need more peace of mind around children, this is the best operating option for you.

Motorised Roller blinds

If you’re looking for a motorised Roller blind, consider Eve MotionBlinds. This option allows you to control your blinds from your Apple device, offering a sleek, modern, and chain-free blind system. 

Do Roller blinds provide insulation for your home?

DIY Roller blinds are an excellent way to keep the heat at bay during the warmer months and retain warmth when the mercury starts to sink.

Blockout fabric remains one of the most popular window treatment fabrics in Australia due to its practical and effective approach to keeping the light out and your home cool. The thick fabric of a blockout Roller blind can intercept almost all light that enters through the window.

Where can Roller blinds be installed?

As DIY Roller blinds are one of the most versatile blinds, they can be installed in any room in your home (including wet areas). Roller blinds are best installed in bedrooms or living area however, if you’re after them for your bathroom or laundry, make sure to have adequate ventilation.

How to clean Roller blinds

Over time, window treatments accumulate dust and debris. Luckily, you’d be hard-pressed to find an easier window treatment to clean!

  • Start by rolling your blinds down so that the full length of the fabric is extended. This will ensure no area of the fabric is left covered in dust or debris.
  • Next, grab a damp cloth and gently wipe down the surface. Make sure you wipe both sides of the fabric and allow time for the blind to dry thoroughly before rolling it back up (to avoid mould).
  • Finally, make sure to wipe around the blind edges, as dust can easily collect around the corners of the fixture.

The cost of Roller blinds

DIY Roller blinds are one of the most affordable blinds on the market.

Typically, they start from around $60 for your basic blind, and then you can choose to make additional modifications. One of the most common modifications is choosing to install motorised Roller blinds (Eve MotionBlinds) or opting for the child safe Securo wand option.

How to measure for Roller blinds

With DIY Roller blinds, it’s important to get the measurements correct so that when you order and install the blinds, they fit as you’d like them to.

When you’re installing blinds, you first need to decide on the type of fit you’d like. There are two types to choose from; a recess fit or a reveal/ face fit.

Visit our website for our Roller blind measuring guide.

What is a recess fit and a face/ reveal fit

A recess fit is where your blinds will fit within the window cut out (known as the window recess), and there will be no overhang.

If you’d like your blinds to be larger than the window recess, you can choose a reveal/face fit. A face fit is a great option if you’d like your blinds to be a statement piece in your room, or if you simply just prefer the look of the recess being completely covered.

One reason to choose a recess fit is that the blinds will fit snugly within the space therefore providing better insulation as any gaps will be covered.

How to install Roller blinds

Installing your very own DIY Roller blinds may take a few steps, but by following our instructional video, the satisfaction of the installation process (and the final product) will last for years.

Check out our guide on how to install Roller blinds on our website!

Can I order a custom size Roller blind?

Are you after custom DIY Roller blinds? At Half Price Blinds, you can order your blinds to fit the specifications of your window. This means you don’t need to worry about cutting down your blinds, or having to go with a premade size that doesn’t quite fit right.

If the blind size you require falls outside of our minimum or maximum size, you can get in contact with us to place your custom order.


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