Guide to Blackout Blinds

Guide to Blackout Blinds

What are blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds (also referred to as blockout blinds) are an indoor blind with a thicker material that’s designed to remove as much light from a space as possible.

When to consider blackout blinds

If you’re not sure whether blackout blinds are the right option for your home, there are a few things to think about when making your decision.

  1. Do you need the option of having a complete blackout of light at any point during the day or night? For example, if you have a baby or are a shiftworker.
  2. Are you planning a home theatre or game room where you need to completely remove the glare from screens?
  3. Is your room facing directly into light and needs a thicker blind to combat the sunlight.

Light filtering vs blackout blinds?

Depending on the amount of light control you need, you have the option of choosing a light filtering or a blackout blind.

Light filtering blinds are ones where their purpose is to reduce and control incoming light, whereas blackout does just that; it removes all light completely.

Best blackout blinds

Blockout roller blinds

Roller blinds are a very popular blind option for their range, affordability and versatility!

Available in many colours and patterns, there’s a style to fit your home decor nicely. Roller blinds also have different fabric options, including blockout, sunscreen and translucent.

For a good night’s sleep and no glare on the TV, blockout roller blinds are the best option.

Learn more about roller blinds in our guide.

Blockout double roller blinds

Double roller blinds are a versatile product option as they give you the option for both blockout and light filtering in one. A popular combination for these blinds is pairing a blockout fabric with a sunscreen fabric for the most light control.

As they have two fabric panels within the one system, both can be pulled down for complete blockout of light, or just one for light filtering.

Blockout Roman blinds

Roman blinds are an elegant option for your home. They are made with thick horizontal fabric slats, providing plenty of blockout in your space.

When they’re raised, the panels fold up neatly out of sight to let in plenty of natural light.

Find out more about Roman blinds in our blog.

Blockout panel glide blinds

Blockout panel glide blinds are a type of vertical blind, made with thicker slats.

Panel blinds are a great blockout option for sliding doors as well as windows, and add an elegant finish to a space. 

Learn more about panel blinds in our blog.

Will blackout blinds reduce heat?

As blackout blinds have a thicker material, they help to regulate the temperature in your home as it makes it more difficult for heat to pass through the windows.

Likewise in winter, they reduce the amount of heat which can escape.

Use blackout blinds for better sleep

If you’re a light sleeper, work shift work, or have a baby, blackout blinds can make a significant difference in sleep quality.

How to install blackout blinds

The first step to easily installing your blinds is to make sure you’ve measured correctly so they’ll fit your window.

When measuring your windows, we recommend using paper and a pencil to take down the measurements, and repeating it three times for accuracy.

Find out how to measure your windows on our website.

Installing our DIY blinds is very straightforward and makes for a great weekend project!

There are two ways you can choose to install your blackout blinds: a recess fit or a face fit.

Witha recess fit, the blinds will sit snugly within the window architrave, however, there could still be a slight gap between the walls and blinds. Any gaps can impact the amount of blockout you have for your space, which is why choosing a face fit could be a better option.

A face fit is where the blinds sit over the window recess, sealing any gaps and increasing the amount of blockout provided.

To find out more about recess and face fit blinds, and the benefits of each, visit our blog.

Download the installation guides from our website.

How to clean blackout blinds

Cleaning your window coverings is the best way to extend their lifespan and keep them looking brand new.

To clean them, regularly dusting helps to avoid any build up of particles. As an added benefit, removing the dust keeps any allergies to a minimum!

For a deeper clean, find out how you can clean your blinds in our detailed guide.

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