Roman Blinds: Your Complete Guide

Roman Blinds: Your Complete Guide

What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are an elegant-looking style of indoor blind, featuring a unique, fold-up design. These blinds are similar to Roller blinds in that they consist of a single roll of fabric, however, the fabric of Roman blinds folds rather than rolls when completely raised.

Roman blinds are made from one piece of fabric with pleated sections throughout. These sections fold up as the fabric is raised, and when the fabric is lowered, all the panels sit flat.

Where Roman blinds got their name

Roman blinds gained their popularity during the Roman period, being the Romans' favourite window covering to keep dust and dirt out of their homes.

What are the benefits of Roman blinds?


Roman blinds are a mid-range blind, which give you a luxury look for much less cost.

These blinds are made up of fabric panels, which fold up, rather than roll, giving them a more sophisticated feel. This minor design detail can make all the difference in adding that little bit more elegance to your space.

Control options

Roman blinds are a manually operated blind, with a chain drive control mechanism. Depending on your personal preference, your custom Roman blinds can have the chain on the left or the right of the blind.

Child safe

Our blinds are fitted with the latest child safe features, making them a good option for anyone with kids.


Any window covering you install adds that little bit more privacy to your home, however Roman blinds can give you more as they have a blockout option, meaning no one can see in. As the panels also fold up, you can choose to let just a little bit of light in without exposing the entirety of the window to onlookers.

They are also made from one complete piece of fabric, meaning they don't have any slats which onlookers can see through.


Roman blinds are very simple to be customised as there are many colour and pattern options to choose from. This gives you much more design flexibility than ordering pre-made blinds does.

Fabric options

There are two fabric options to choose from when you choose your custom DIY Roman blinds. These are blockout and translucent fabric.


Blockout Roman blinds are a very effective option for anyone needing to create total blockout at any time of the day. This fabric is much thicker than standard fabric, giving you much more darkness.


Translucent fabric is a great option for allowing plenty of light into your home, but still maintaining high amounts of privacy.

This fabric is thinner than blockout and is great for areas like offices.

Colour options

Roman blinds are a very customisable blind option, and are available in a wide range of colours, textures, and patterns. Custom Roman blinds are simple to order from our website and give you the freedom to choose the look that'll best suit your home.

If you're not sure about what is the right colour or pattern option, you can order up to 6 free samples from our website which will help you decide what's best.

To order your samples, go to the Roman blind fabric and colour option you're interested in and add the sample to your cart.

How to clean Roman blinds

Maintaining a good blind cleaning routine is crucial for keeping your Roman blinds looking brand new.

Window coverings can collect a lot of dust particles, so wiping them over with a microfiber cloth or a feather duster helps to prevent the dust from permanently settling.

For more tips on cleaning your blinds, visit our guide!

How to measure

Getting the right measurements for your blinds is one of the most important things to get right before placing your order.

To help you get the right measurements, head to our handy Roman blind measuring guide.

Installing DIY Roman blinds

Installing your DIY Roman blinds is very simple if you follow our installation guide!

Or, if you prefer, you can find video Roman blind installation instructions on our YouTube channel.

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