Half Price Blinds Installation Checklist: Indoor and Outdoor Blinds

Half Price Blinds Installation Checklist: Indoor and Outdoor Blinds

As the proud owner (OK, mascot) for a company that sells do-it-yourself blinds online, it's no secret that I'm a huge advocate for all things DIY. Not only does it save you, our valued customers, money, but it also gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction. Just think of how good you felt when you finally got around to putting up that kitchen shelf or making that birthday cake from scratch. Now imagine feeling that sense of accomplishment every day when you open or close blinds that you installed with your own two hands!

Here's our handy checklist to get you installing like a pro!

Helpful Hints:

Before you fit your blinds, here are some hints for an easy installation process.

  • Use a steel measuring tape (not wood or plastic) to get the most accurate measurements. 
  • Ensure you know whether your blinds are recess fit or face fit before you start the installation process.
  • Double check the packaging to ensure you've got the right number of screws, mounts, and hardware to successfully install your new blinds.

Before Photo:

No DIY project begins until you've taken a before pic! After all, how are you going to show off your handy work without something to compare to! Make sure you're tagging all your pics with @halfpriceblinds so we can keep up with your window treatment mission!

Unpack Blinds:

Once you've taken your photo, it's time to unpack! Get started by unpacking the box or packaging that came with your blinds. Be sure to take your time and clear a tidy space before assembling! The last thing you want is to lose an important tool or piece of the product!

Follow Install Instructions:

It's important to remember that the installation of different types of window treatments can vary for each product. Plus, whilst it can initially seem daunting - never fear! The process is easy to navigate. To install most blinds, all that's required is attaching the brackets using a drill, place the headrail into the brackets, attach the valence to the headrail, and securing the blind wand, cord or chain to complete the process!

From Roller Blinds to Double Roller Blinds and the rest of our extensive range, I've made it my goal to ensure the installation process is as easy as possible to follow with step-by-step instructions. So, once your brand new blinds arrive, simply jump onto Half Price Blinds online and select the product you will be installing from my handy how-to install guides listed on our website. Once you've selected the right product, you'll find the step-by-step instructions plus videos that will show you exactly how to install your new blinds.

After Photo:

Once your new blinds have been installed, it's time to take a step back and admire! Make sure to take an ‘after' photo, then upload and tag it with @halfpriceblinds so we can share in your DIY glory! We post our favourite window makeovers on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so be sure to keep an eye out. You could be up there!

Got a question about installing your new blinds? Get in touch via Facebook or by calling my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041, and they'll beat any competing in-store or online blinds quote you may have by a huge 10 percent!

You can find all of our shutters, awnings, curtains and blinds online for the lowest prices, guaranteed. Plus, we deliver Australia-wide from Perth to the east coast and offer free shipping on nearly all orders over $199.

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