Roller Blinds vs Roman Blinds

Roller Blinds vs Roman Blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a popular indoor blind option, consisting of a single piece of fabric and different control options, including motorised.


Roller blinds are a very affordable window covering option. While they’re on the lower end of the price scale, they are still made to a high quality.

Rollers also have many colour options to suit your design needs, and have different fabrics, including blockout, translucent and sunscreen.

If you’re looking for a motorised roller blind, consider Eve MotionBlinds.

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Roman blinds

Roman blinds are another fabric blind option, except they’re made up of horizontal slats, which can be folded up neatly when the blinds are raised, and they sit flat when lowered.


Similarly to roller blinds, Roman blinds have many colour and fabric options to choose from and are a high quality product.

Roman blinds tend to be a bit more expensive than roller blinds, however they are still a very affordable option.

If you’re wanting more of a luxury look and feel, Roman blinds can provide this!

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Roller blinds vs Roman blinds: Which is better?

There’s not a simple answer as to whether Roman blinds or roller blinds are the better option as both have their advantages in different situations and usages.

For a more affordable option, roller blinds are better, however for more luxe-feeling design, Roman blinds come out on top.

Both options have blockout fabric and many coloured fabrics available, making either choice a versatile blind.

In terms of privacy, both blinds ideally need additional coverage, such as the use of a sheer curtain, so that when they are raised, onlookers can’t see straight into your home.

Are roller blinds or Roman blinds easier to install?

Both blind options are very straightforward to install as they have a very simple operating mechanism and only one piece of fabric.

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Cleaning roller and Roman blinds

As both blinds are made from fabric, cleaning them is very simple. The only difference between them is that the rollers are one single piece of fabric on a roller, whereas Roman blinds have panels.

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Can roller blinds and Roman blinds be used in wet areas?

Choosing blinds for wet areas like your bathroom, laundry or kitchen is one of the most challenging decisions as you want your space to look good, but also need a blind which can withstand humid environments and possible splashes.

Both Roman blinds and roller blinds are made from fabric, meaning that while they can be installed in wet areas, the space should be fitted with excellent ventilation so as to avoid water damage and possible mould.

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