Guide to Timber Plantation Shutters

Guide to Timber Plantation Shutters

What are Basswood shutters?

Timber shutters (also known as Basswood shutters) are a durable type of indoor shutter option for your home. They are a simple, elegant, and timeless window covering and will enhance your home décor.

What is Basswood?

Basswood is one of the most hard-wearing wood options. It’s also referred to as linden wood and naturally has a very pale colouring.

The finish of basswood is also a nicer quality option for your home. Its texture is much finer than other woods, giving it a smoother look and feel. 

The benefits of Timber (basswood) shutters

Basswood shutters don’t warp

Timber shutters made from basswood have a higher tolerance to water and humidity exposure as they aren’t as porous as other wood can be. This means that these shutters can be installed in rooms like your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom, with more confidence that they’ll not get damaged.

In saying this, while they are more water resistant than other types of timber shutters, it’s important that these rooms are fitted with good ventilation and if they do get wet, just make sure to wipe them over with a cloth straight away.

Add value to your home

It’s thought that installing shutters is a great way to add value to your home! This means that if you’re ever thinking of selling, or are renovating an investment home, these shutters can add more value and curb side appeal to buyers or renters.

Cost of timber shutters

Timber plantation shutters are one of the most expensive window coverings, however they last a long time when they’re cared for.

If you’re looking for a high-end window covering, these are your go-to, however if you’re looking more for a budget-friendly option, there are other options to suit you.

Pairing timber shutters with curtains

Timber shutters can be paired with curtains if that’s the look you’re going for.

If you’re going to add curtains, we recommend choosing sheer curtains as these are a very light weight option and will still allow your shutters to be seen.

Sheers also help to add extra privacy and help to filter incoming light into your room.

How to clean timber shutters

Cleaning your shutters is simple, all you need is a damp cloth and very minimal soapy water if you really need the extra help. 

As timber shutters are made from basswood, using a wet cloth is ok, but we do recommend making sure any excess water is wrung out!

You should aim to give your timber shutters a good clean with a damp cloth once every season, and regular wipe overs with a dust mitt when needed.

Are aluminium shutters better than timber?

The shutter material you choose will entirely depend on whereabouts you plan on installing them.

If you have rooms in your home with high humidity and contact with water, an aluminium option might be more cost effective as you’re less likely to need to replace them within a short time, or to be constantly worried about wiping them down.

It also depends on the aesthetic of your home!

Timber is great for natural or earthy aesthetics, as well as where a stronger material is needed, like in door panels. However, aluminium is equally durable and is definitely a great option for your home.

Measuring for timber shutters

Measuring for new shutters isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve put together our guide on how to measure for plantation shutters. Hope that helps!

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