Best Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

Best Window Coverings for Sliding Doors

Top considerations for choosing sliding door blinds and curtains

The biggest consideration when it comes to choosing blinds and curtains for your sliding doors is that you need complete and unrestricted access to your doorway. This means you need window coverings which can slide out of the way entirely.

Sliding door blinds

If you prefer blinds, there are two main options for you to consider.

Panel blinds

Panel Blinds, (also known as Panel Glide blinds or track blinds) are a stylish and more modern alternative to traditional Vertical blinds. 

Crafted from large flat fabric panels, these premium sliding blinds can be customised with your choice of colour and fabric to suit any room in your home or office.

One of the greatest features of Panel blinds is their easy-glide operation system, allowing you seamless access to your door, while maintaining a privacy screen on the rest of the doorway.

You have the option of choosing from our range of blockout, sunscreen or translucent fabrics, which are all available in a variety of popular shades to offer stylish light and privacy control.

Want to find out more about Panel blinds? Visit our full guide!

Vertical blinds

Add modern lines to your space by cladding your windows with our stylish Vertical blinds. With their streamlined appearance and practical functionality, these blinds are a popular choice for large windows and sliding doors that require easy and frequent access.

Vertical blinds are an affordable blind option, making them a worthwhile consideration if you have a rental property and are worried about installing expensive blinds. That being said, verticals are a tough blind and are very easy to keep clean.

Want to know more? Visit our guide to Vertical blinds!

Best sliding door curtains

Sheer curtains

If you feel like just a blind by itself isn’t enough for your sliding doors, think about adding a sheer curtain over the top. Sheer curtains are made from a translucent (semi see through) fabric, which has a very light and elegant look and feel to them when they hang! They give a flowy effect and help to soften incoming light!

By themselves, they provide some privacy, however when paired with another window covering, they add an extra layer of protection. They also have the added benefit of hiding your window coverings if you don’t particularly like the look of them.

Living room with golden green vertisheer blinds

Vertisheer blinds

Vertisheer blinds are a great option for your sliding doors as they’re very similar in functionality to Vertical blinds.

The unique aspect of Vertisheer blinds is that they are both a curtain and a blind in one. They have the functionality of a Vertical blind, and the look and feel of a sheer curtain. This combination makes them one of the best options for sliding doors.

How to measure and install sliding door blinds

Not sure how to measure and install your new blinds? Visit our handy website guides, filled with all the information you’ll need to be a DIY pro.

Simply pick your window covering from the list, and the guides will show you where you need to measure, depending on whether you want to have a recess or face fit.

A recess fit is when your window coverings sit within the windowsill in the wall. This gives them a neat, snug fit and helps to minimise the impact they have within your room.

If you want your blinds to have more of an impact and sit outside of the recess, you can opt for a face fit.

Learn more about a recess vs a face fit in our guide.

Can you put Roller blinds on sliding doors

Roller blinds are a great blind option for your home, but they’re not the best option for sliding doors. As rollers open and close vertically, they will always be in the way of your door frame, even when they’re fully rolled up. They can’t be moved completely out of the way, which isn’t ideal for sliding doors.

Sliding door blinds vs curtains

There’s no right answer as to which is the best option for your sliding doors; the choice is entirely up to you! There are both pros and cons to both curtains and blinds for sliding doors. The best way to decide what is best for your home is to think about:

  • How much incoming light would I like to I have?
  • Do I need partial or full blockout?
  • Do I care more about functionality or aesthetics?


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