Guide to Outdoor Window Coverings

Guide to Outdoor Window Coverings

Depending on your needs for choosing outdoor window coverings, your choice will make a difference.  

You can choose to have a fully enclosed area, a semi-enclosed space, shaded areas, or you can even just add coverings to your windows to help regulate the temperature in your home.

Benefits of outdoor window treatments

Outdoor window treatments are a great addition to your home. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Providing sun protection for when you’re out in your backyard
  • Protecting your outdoor furniture from fading due to direct contact with UV rays
  • Helping to regulate the temperature in your home
  • Can be used to create an additional space in your home
  • When you choose fully enclosed blinds, you can use your outdoor area all year round

What to consider when choosing outdoor window coverings 

To get you in the right mindset to choose the right option for your home, here’s a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What’s my budget?
  • Do I want to create an area that can be fully enclosed?
  • Am I looking for shaded areas within my outdoor area?
  • Do I want outdoor window coverings to help regulate the temperature within my home?
  • Do I want patio blinds or awnings? Or do I need balcony blinds?

Let’s get into the different outdoor window covering options for your home!

Outdoor blinds

Windmaster blinds

Windmaster blinds are a type of patio blind, which are water and wind resistant and help to reduce incoming sunlight into your outdoor area, keeping it at a comfortable temperature. If you’re after a blind to enclose an area, Windmaster blinds are a great option.

There are many benefits to choosing Windmaster blinds for your outdoor area:

  1. They are specifically designed to withstand strong winds
  2. You have the option of using Windmaster blinds to create a fully enclosed outdoor area, or you can simply choose to cover specific areas and keep it more open plan
  3. They are a sturdy blind
  4. They are available in a motorised option for added convenience
  5. Depending on the fabric you choose, they can add privacy to your entertaining area

There are two fabric options for Windmaster outdoor blinds: sunscreen or eco-sunscreen, and PVC.

Sunscreen fabrics are great for reducing heat and regulating the temperature of your outdoor area. If you’re after more colour options, choosing a sunscreen fabric gives you this.

If you want more flexibility in the amount of privacy and visibility when looking out, PVC is a better option. Available in different both clear and tinted options, PVC can provide the right amount of privacy you’re after without compromising on your views.

For more information on why you should choose Windmaster blinds, head to our blog!

To make sure you get the right size blinds, check out our guide on measuring for Windmaster blinds.

Types of outdoor awnings

Automatic awnings

Automatic awnings sit on the external side of your window and are a great option to help regulate the temperature of your home.

Benefits of choosing Automatic outdoor awnings:

  1. Choose from three fabric options – sunscreen, blockout and acrylic canvas
  2. Outdoor awnings help regulate the temperature of your home, helping lower your energy bills
  3. Choose from rich and bold colour options to suit the exterior décor of your home
  4. They add security to your home. When the awnings are lowered, they are difficult for someone to fit through the gap and break into your window

Folding arm awnings

If you’re wanting to create an additional shaded area within your outdoor area, consider Folding arm awnings.

These awnings are like an extension of your roof and can give your area up to 3 metres of extra shade.

Folding arm awnings are a great option for courtyards, beer gardens, cafes, pool areas and play spaces.

There are two fabric options to choose from; these are sunscreen and blockout fabric.

If you’re wanting sun protection but still wanting to let in as much light through the fabric as possible, go for the sunscreen fabric.

For more coverage and shade, blockout fabric is a great choice to provide more protection.

Learn more about the benefits of folding arm awnings in our blog.

Measuring for outdoor awnings

Getting the correct measurements to install outdoor awnings can be challenging.

You can find instructions on measuring for awnings on our website.

Balcony awnings

If you live in an apartment or flat and have a balcony, both automatic awnings and folding arm awnings are suitable!

Outdoor shutters

If you like the look and functionality of shutters in your home, consider choosing outdoor shutters for your backyard area.

Aluminium shutters

Aluminium shutters are a popular outdoor window covering option for your home as they are versatile, waterproof, and very durable.

If you’re wanting flexibility in creating a more enclosed outdoor entertaining area for hosting guests, and then having a more open space at other times, aluminium shutters give you the flexibility to switch between the two options with ease.

Another benefit of aluminium shutters is that they are available in a range of colours, not just the standard silver-grey of traditional aluminium. This makes these outdoor shutters easy to match with your décor.

If you want to learn more, head to our guide on everything you need to know about shutters.

If you decide outdoor shutters are the right window covering option for you, it’s important to know how to measure your space so that when you place your online order, you have the right size.

To help you out, we’ve created a guide on how to measure when installing shutters.

Tips for ordering outdoor window coverings online

When buying DIY outdoor blinds, awnings, and shutters online, choosing the right colour and fabric are difficult choices to make. To make sure you’re happy with these options before you make your purchase, order up to 6 free samples from our website.

Our 6 free samples are dispatched the same day and help to make sure you’re making the right decision. It also helps you to fit out the rest of your décor as you have a colour swatch to help!

Are outdoor window coverings waterproof?

Aluminium shutters are the most waterproof outdoor window covering option. These outdoor shutters are designed to be completely durable against the elements and won’t be damaged due to contact with water.

Our Windmaster blinds, Folding Arm awnings, and Automatic awnings are all water resistant, so if you have light rain, they won’t get damaged, but if you’re expecting heavy downfalls, it’s better to secure your window coverings away so they’re protected.

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