Spotlight On: Folding Arm Awnings

Spotlight On: Folding Arm Awnings

What are Folding arm awnings?

Folding arm awnings, also known as Retractable awnings, are a practical outdoor window covering for the exterior of your home which can add up to 3m of extra shade when opened.

How do they compare to other outdoor blinds or awnings?

These awnings are a great option if you’re only looking for coverage some of the time, or if you only have a small outdoor area. Folding arm awnings can be extended when you need and folded away when there’s bad weather, or you don’t need the shade.

How do folding arm awnings work?

Once installed, the awning acts as an extension of your roof and helps to provide shelter from the heat, sun and rain to create a space that's perfect for relaxing and entertaining!

The benefits of Folding arm awnings

Fully retractable

Based on the name, you'd be correct in guessing that these outdoor awnings have the ability to fold away with ease. This feature is incredibly handy, as it gives you flexibility depending on the time of day.

Say you're sitting outside enjoying brunch on the patio and the summer sun is beaming directly into your eyes. Simply extend the awning up to three metres and you’ll have sun protection. Or, if you're sitting outdoors and feeling a tad on the chilly side, fold them away and enjoy the warmth of the sun.


The beauty of these awnings is that they are a simple addition to your outdoor area, and don’t create an eye sore. When they’re extended, their design is modern and comes in a variety of different colours to match your decor. You can also choose between blockout and sunscreen fabric, whichever suits your style and needs.

Blockout is a great option if you need the additional sun protection and want to create more dense shade, whereas sunscreen fabric is perfect if you want some shade and protection, but still want to feel the warmth.

Have an extended life span

Due to the fold-away design of these awnings, they have a much longer life-span compared to other outdoor products.

When the wind and rain are out in full force, Folding arm awnings can be easily tucked away to avoid damage. Plus, exposure to the sun can cause the fabric on your awnings to fade over time. Folding them away allows them to look newer for longer and protects the integrity of the awnings.


Folding arm window awnings aren't just reserved for use above windows and doors! Modern awnings can now be used to protect entire outdoor patio and alfresco areas, as well as pools, car bays, or balconies, to create an extended dining or entertaining space.

Thanks to their stylish design and smart functionality, you can enjoy shade and shelter all year long.

outdoor area with folding arm awnings

Caring for Folding arm awnings

Once you've installed your new awnings, it's easy to take care of them.

As previously mentioned, these awnings are designed to provide shade, so always be sure to put them away during times of heavy rains or high winds.

Removing water

Your Folding arm awning will come with a standard slope to prevent the fabric from sagging and to allow water to run off, but if any water collects on the fabric, simply push fabric up (gently) with a broom handle to remove.

Maintaining their structural performance

Some other tips for keeping your outdoor awnings in tip-top shape include:

  1. Using a good quality light oil to lubricate moving parts annually.
  2. Periodically checking your awning to ensure all nuts and bolts are tightened. If any have come loose over time, tighten immediately.

Measuring for a new awning

The most important step when ordering new window coverings is to ensure you’ve measured correctly. Where to measure on the window frame is dependent on the specific covering, which is why it’s important to find out where you should be taking measurements.

Find instructions on measuring for Folding arm awnings on our website.

When measuring for any window covering, we recommend using a metal or steel tape measure, and writing down all your measurements with pen and paper.

The best way to know you have an accurate measurement is by repeating it three times. If you get the same numbers consistently, you should feel confident ordering that size.

Folding arm awning installation

Folding arm awnings are a fairly straightforward awning to install.

Finish it like a pro with our awning installation guide


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