Affordable Blinds to Suit Any Budget

Affordable Blinds to Suit Any Budget

Affordable blinds for your home

When buying new blinds for your home, choosing an affordable window covering over a high-end option doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing on quality. In fact, affordable blinds are just as good at controlling light, adding privacy, and looking nice as any other blind.

Here are our top recommendations for the best affordable blinds!

Roller blinds

In addition to being one of the most affordable indoor blinds on the market, Roller blinds are one of the most practical ways to control the level of heat and light entering your home.

Benefits of Roller blinds

  1. Available in three fabric options: blockout, translucent and sunscreen.
  2. Many colour options to suit your home decor.
  3. Provide excellent value for money.
  4. Are suitable for any room in your home (wet areas require good ventilation).
  5. Give your home privacy.
  6. Are available in a motorised option.
  7. Come with the option of a Securo wand – a manual operating option designed specifically with child safety in mind.

Roller blind fabric options

As Roller blinds are such a popular choice, there's a huge range of fabrics, colours, and styles to choose from.

Depending on the needs of each room in your home, there’s a fabric option to suit. You can select from our impressive collection of blockout, translucent and sunscreen fabrics.

For any rooms where you want the flexibility of creating total darkness at any time of the day or night, consider blockout fabric for your Roller blinds. This fabric is great for rooms like nurseries or theatre rooms as it’s thicker than other fabrics, meaning that a little bit more darkness is possible.

If you’re looking for a fabric option for a room with constant and intense sunlight throughout the day, a sunscreen fabric would work perfectly. Sunscreen fabric maintains plenty of incoming light while filtering out some of the dangerous UV rays. This helps protect your skin as well as any furniture near the window.

For a simple option, a translucent­ fabric is all you need. This won’t give your room blackout or reduce UV rays, but it’ll give you the privacy and light control you need. For rooms not used as much, or that aren’t in direct sunlight, this is a great option. 

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a very affordable blind made up of thin horizontal slats, which can be angled for optimal light control and are often picked for their durability and convenient operating features.

These days, Venetian blinds are offered in many materials from PVC to aluminium and are flexible enough to suit almost every room and style.

As well as adding style and warmth to your home, Venetian blinds create a natural barrier between the window and the interior of your home, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Benefits of Venetian blinds

  1. Available in different material options, all suitable for different rooms in your home.
  2. Give your room flexibile light control.
  3. One of the most affordable blinds on the market.
  4. Come in a range of colour options.

Aluminium Venetian blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds are one of the most versatile blind options. These blinds can be installed in any room in your home, including wet areas like your bathroom, laundry, and kitchen.

Timber Venetian blinds

Timber Venetian blinds are a more delicate blind option to give your home décor a natural and earthy feel. 

These blinds are best suited to bedrooms and living areas as when timber is exposed to water it can warp the wood grains, damaging your blinds.

Timber-look blinds

Timber-look blinds are the perfect solution to give your home the natural feeling timber provides, while giving you the flexibility to install these blinds anywhere within your home.

While Timber-look blinds are suitable for wet areas, good ventilation is still a must!

Vertical blinds 

As one of the most practical styles of indoor blinds, Vertical blinds let you enjoy total light and privacy control for a budget-friendly price.

Verticals have gained a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to a blind option for your home or rental property but try not to let that deter you. Vertical blind albeit a very affordable blind, are made to a high quality and have become very modern in recent times.

Say goodbye to the plain, outdated colours and find a modern colour or even patterned option to suit your home decor perfectly.Our Vertical blinds are available in a range of stylish colours and come with a smooth tracking system for complete ease of use!

Affordable motorised blinds

Buying smart blinds can seem out of reach for anyone with a smaller budget, but with Eve MotionBlinds, having motorised blinds is a possibility.

Eve MotionBlinds is a stylish motorised blind option to give your room a sleek and automated blind.

While buying complete sets of new blinds with motorisation can add up, Eve MotionBlinds have an upgrade kit which is compatible with any existing Roller blinds you have installed. This means you only need to pay for the motorisation connectivity, and you’ll have a brand new smart blind!

Where to find cheap blinds

To start the process of ordering your new modern and very affordable indoor blinds, head to our website .

If you’re not sure on colour or fabric options, you can order up to 5 free samples, which will be dispatched to you the same day!

Interested in affordable blinds for your home? Why not get in touch! You can reach us via Facebook or by calling my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041. They'll beat any competing in-store or online blind quote you may have by a huge 10 percent!

You can find all of our shutters, awnings, curtains, and blinds online for the lowest prices, guaranteed. Plus, we deliver Australia-wide from Perth to the east coast and offer free shipping on metro orders over $449. For all other orders, shipping is $27.

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