Guide to Vertical Blinds

Guide to Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds for your home

Vertical blinds don’t always have the best reputation but hear us out! They have many more benefits than they get credit for, and they are a great indoor blind option, particularly for first home buyers or for rental properties.

How do Vertical blinds work?

Verticals are a simple to use blind, with vertical slats that hang from the top of the window recess along a track.

The vertical slats slide along the track to open and close the blinds, and they can be angled to direct the incoming light to where you need it.

Vertical blinds can only be controlled manually.

The benefits of choosing Vertical blinds

Have two fabric options

There are two fabric options when choosing Vertical blinds: translucent and blockout.

We recommend translucent fabric if you want to enjoy an abundance of natural light during the daytime, and blockout fabric to achieve a darker room if needed. 

All fabric options are available in a variety of solid colours and pattern options, making them a modern and unique choice for your home.

A cheap blind option

Verticals are one of the most affordable blind options on the market. They are a great option if you’re buying your first home and don’t have a huge budget, or simply if you have a rental property and don’t want high-end, designer range blinds to potentially get damaged.

A simple, yet effective blind

These are a simple blind option, but the flexibility and light control they offer makes them a great option. 

They provide plenty of coverage and give you the control you need to angle, blockout, or let in an abundance of natural light.

Safe for children

All blinds we sell are completely safe for children and comply with international safety standards!

Great for windows and doors

Verticals are not only great for windows, but they are also one of the best sliding door blind options!

As they slide along a track, they can be moved completely out of the way to provide unrestricted access through the doorway, while still maintaining complete privacy for the rest of the glass panel.

For bedrooms and wet areas

Verticals are a great bedroom and living area blind, but they’re also a great option for wet areas like your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen! As long as you have proper ventilation in place and frequently wipe over the blind slats.

The cost of Vertical blinds

The cost of verticals is often under $100 each, making them a very affordable option.

Made to measure verticals

Ordering made to measure verticals has many benefits in that you don’t need to worry about trying to find a pre-made blind size in similar dimensions, where you might need to either try to cut down the blinds yourself or have blinds bigger than what you need.

Ordering custom verticals means all the work is done for you; all you need to do is to provide us with the right measurements.

For tips on measuring for your new Vertical blinds, visit our guide!

Cleaning Vertical blinds

Maintaining your Vertical blinds should be part of your regular cleaning schedule. Keeping verticals clean also helps reduce the build-up of mould, particularly if they are in wet areas.

The best way to clean your verticals is to use a damp and soapy microfiber cloth and wipe down each vertical slat.

If you want to find more tips on cleaning your blinds and shutters, visit our guide!

Pairing Vertical blinds with curtains

A common window cover pairing is Vertical blinds and curtains, specifically sheer curtains.

Adding sheers over the top of your verticals has a few benefits:

  1. It helps add a little bit more privacy for the times you have your slats opened up.
  2. If you don’t like the look of verticals by themselves, sheer curtains give your space a much more elegant finish and help to hide them.

For more information on pairing blinds with curtains, visit our helpful guide!

If the idea of two window coverings isn’t for you, our Vertisheer blinds may just be the product you‘re after. Vertisheers are essentially a blind and curtain in one, combining the functionality of a Vertical blind and the look of sheer curtains. Vertisheer blinds are a popular choice for adding elegance and versatility to any room. 


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