How To Style Sheer Curtains

How To Style Sheer Curtains

Why choose sheer curtains for your home?

Sheer curtains are a stylish curtain option for your home. Made from a transparent and very lightweight fabric, these curtains tend to be used either to add more privacy to your home, or to enhance your home décor.

Benefits of sheer curtains

There are many reasons to choose sheer curtains for your home!

  • They’re an affordable window covering.
  • They are available in different colours.
  • They add additional privacy to your home.
  • They can make your space feel more elegant.
  • For rooms with direct sunlight, they can soften the incoming light and create a soft glow throughout your room.
  • They pair well with many other window coverings.
  • They’re easy to style.
  • They’re a more modern version of traditional lace.

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Styling sheer curtains

There are a few different ways to style sheer curtains, depending on your personal preference!

Sheer curtains by themselves.

Sheer curtains by themselves

For rooms where you don’t need a lot of light control, sheer curtains by themselves can work nicely.

While you can choose to style your sheers like this in any room you like, we recommend choosing to do this in rooms that aren’t in direct eyesight of your neighbours, as your sheers will only provide minimal privacy compared to other window covering options.

Sheer curtains over blinds.

Sheers over blinds

The most common way of styling sheers is by pairing them with other window coverings, typically blinds.

Options like roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, Roman blinds and Vision blinds are all popular options to consider pairing with sheers!

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Floor to ceiling sheers

For a more dramatic and featured look, you can choose to install your sheer curtains above your window and have floor to ceiling coverage.

The main benefit of doing this, is that it helps to make your room feel much bigger than it is!

Another benefit is that it’s a dramatic and eye-catching finish to your room.

White sheer curtains in bedroom.

Are sheer curtains still fashionable?

Sheer curtains have been a popular window covering for quite some time and have become the new lace. Lace and sheer curtains have the same properties, but sheers offer a more modern and elegant finish.

It all depends on your home decor and taste as to which style you prefer!

Sheer curtain colour options

Classic sheers

When you think of sheers, images of classic white, cream, or grey shades draped delicately over your window tend to come to mind.

These colours pair perfectly with just about any type of interior décor, and also work to make your space feel airy and open.

It’s best to choose lighter coloured sheers if you want to make your room appear brighter, while maintaining your privacy.

Metallic coloured sheers

If you're feeling a little more daring, sheers with a metallic look could be the right choice for you.

Metallic shades convey feelings of comfort and elegance all in one, and pair perfectly with décor that's a little more modern or edgy.

Interior designers are seeing an increase in the popularity of metallic accents in contemporary homes, which pairs well with sheer curtains!

This styling of sheers also adds a bit of sparkle and interest to your windows, while still keeping the look restrained and sophisticated.

Black sheer curtains

Black sheer curtains

For something completely different, black sheers are becoming a more popular option.

While black is certainly not a traditional colour when it comes to curtains, it makes a dynamic addition to any home, with a more modern look and feel to it.

Measuring and installing sheer curtains

Measuring your window for new window coverings isn’t something you want to get wrong. So, to help make sure you order the perfect fitting sheers, head to our website to find out how to measure for curtains.

Once you receive your new sheer curtains, make installing them a breeze by using our guide to installing sheer curtains!


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