Complete Guide to Sheer Curtains

Complete Guide to Sheer Curtains

What are sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are a lightweight curtain made from a semi-see-through (translucent) fabric.

These curtains are designed to be paired with other window coverings to provide extra light control, privacy, and security.

In saying this, sheer curtains don’t always need to be paired with another window covering. If you have a room which gets some light but isn’t as much as a front facing window would receive, a sheer curtain could be all you need.  

Why choose DIY sheer curtains

There are so many benefits to choosing sheer curtains for your home.

  1. They’re affordable
  2. They add privacy
  3. They’re elegant
  4. They come in variety of colour and fabric options
  5. They’re an easy DIY curtain to install

For more information, read about the benefits of sheer curtains in our blog!

Styling sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are an incredibly versatile product and give you many options for how to hang them. 

Whether you’re wanting a sheer by itself, paired with a blind, or a different coloured fabric, there’s an option to suit your needs!

Find out more about styling sheer curtains in our guide.

Sheer curtain colours

Despite popular belief, sheer curtains are available in other colours other than white. White sheer curtains are the most popular option, however if you’re after an edgier look, you can also choose black or metallic sheers.

White sheers do have the added benefit of being a lighter colour which can help with light and temperature control, as darker colours tend to absorb more light.

Pairing blinds with sheer curtains

One of the most common ways to style sheer curtains is by pairing them with blinds.

Pairing these window coverings together has many benefits, including:

  1. Adding extra privacy and security to your home
  2. Hides your blinds if they aren’t to your taste
  3. Makes your space look more elegant without a high price tag
  4. Softens the light in your room
  5. Means you can have your blinds wide open without compromising on privacy or light
Bedroom with venetian blinds and sheer curtain

Sheer curtains vs Vertisheer curtains

One of the most common questions we get asked is how sheer curtains differ from Vertisheers.

Vertisheers (also known as Vertisheer blinds) are a combination product which can be considered both a curtain and blind in one. This unique window covering combines the fabric and look of regular sheer curtains, with the functionality of a Vertical blind.

Vertisheers are a very versatile product if you want sheer curtains without hanging an additional blind for extra privacy.

Frequently asked questions about sheer curtains

Will sheer curtains block the sun?

Sheer curtains don’t block the sun, but rather, they help to significantly reduce the sun’s harsh direct sunlight in your home.

When light filters through sheer curtains, it creates a softened glow throughout your room.

If you’re wanting more of a blockout effect in your bedrooms, consider an indoor blind.

Do sheer curtains help with heat?

Sheer curtains can help reduce the amount of heat in your home as they filter out some of the light. Pairing these curtains with other blinds is going to help reduce heat even more.

Can you hang sheer curtains from the roof?

While sheer curtains aren’t the best option to hang from your roof, they can be installed above your window. Hanging curtains above the window is a design hack used to help make your space feel larger than it is, as it makes the window look bigger.

Installing your sheer curtains like this is known as a face fit as they sit over the window recess rather than inside of it.

Learn more about face fitting vs recess fitting window coverings in our blog.

Do sheer curtains make a room look bigger?

Sheer curtains are a great way to make your room feel bigger than it actually is!

They do this by letting in an abundance of natural light without it overwhelming the space. Sheers help to disperse light in your room, making it feel lighter and larger.

How to wash sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are made from a light and delicate material and should be gently cleaned when needed. Always remember to follow the instructions provided with your curtains or blinds.

The best way to clean sheers (as with all other blinds and curtains) is by dusting them regularly, as this helps keep them looking clean and reduces any build-up.

If you do happen to get dirt spots on your sheers, make sure to dab the area with a warm and soapy cloth. Dabbing instead of rubbing the area helps to lift the mark without disrupting the material or spreading the mark further.

Learn more about cleaning your curtains in our comprehensive guide.

Measuring for sheer curtains

Need help knowing where to measure your windows for your new DIY curtains? Visit our curtain measuring guide.

How to install sheer curtains

We like to make installing DIY window coverings as easy as possible, and that’s why we have handy resources detailing how you can look like a DIY professional!

Find out how to install your new sheer curtains in our curtain installation guide.

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