5 Reasons to Choose Sheer Curtains

5 Reasons to Choose Sheer Curtains

What are sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are a semi see through (or translucent) curtain which is typically paired with another window covering to provide additional privacy and elegance to your space.

What are sheer curtains made from?

As their name suggests, modern sheer curtains are made from a very light, translucent fabric. This fabric is similar to lace and helps to filter incoming light and give your room a soft glow.

5 reasons to choose sheer curtains

1.    They are affordable

Sheer curtains are considered a mid-range product and their price reflects this. They are not overpriced, and when they’re taken care of, can last a long time.

2.    Added privacy

These curtains allow you to have your blinds up without compromising on privacy. They work for providing privacy during the day and night, and although they don’t look like they provide much privacy, we can assure that they are less see through than you think.

3.    They are an elegant feature in your home

Sheer curtains are a simple and affordable way to add a touch of luxury into your home. Their translucent and flowy nature gives them an elegance not many other window coverings can achieve.

They also work perfectly in so many spaces, particularly bedrooms and living areas.

4.    They are available in different colours

White sheer curtains are the most known colour option for sheers, however there are more colour options than you may think! As sheers are modernising, more colours are becoming popular, such as grey, beige, brown and black.

5.    Easy to install

Modern sheer curtains are easy to install throughout your home. Let us help guide you while installing your sheer curtains! Head to our website for the full guide on making sure they are hung correctly and safely.

How to style sheer curtains

In most cases, sheer curtains are styled with an additional window covering, such as an indoor blind.

Sheers tend to be paired more often than not, because by themselves, they don’t provide as much privacy or light control as thicker blinds can.

Common indoor blind pairings for sheers are Roman blinds, Roller blinds and Double Roller blinds. These blinds work well because they are raised and lowered, rather than opening to the side.

When you want to let the light in during the day, your blinds need to be open and therefore you lose your privacy, but with sheer curtains over the top, plenty of light can still pass through, and it makes it harder for passers-by to see in.

How to hang your sheer curtains

When you’re hanging sheer curtains, you can choose to hang them at the top of the window (where window coverings are typically hung from), or you can hang them higher.

Hanging them higher gives your room the illusion that it’s larger than it actually is, and you can make your wall more of a feature. For a more dramatic look, they can be hung from the top of the wall and become floor to ceiling sheer curtains.

For more tips on styling sheer curtains, head to our blog.

What’s the difference between sheer curtains and Vertisheer blinds?

Vertisheer blinds are a unique product as they are both a curtain and blind in one. These blinds combine the functionality of Vertical blinds with the elegance of a translucent curtain.

Vertical blinds work by the slats moving along a track when the opening mechanism pushes or pulls them along. The angle of the slats can also be adjusted to control the direction of incoming light. Vertisheer blinds have these same properties, however the fabric is more like a sheer curtain. This combination makes Vertisheers a more premium, elegant finish to your space.

A sheer curtain is simply just a curtain which can be opened and closed along a curtain rod or curtain track.

Will sheer curtains block sunlight?

Sheer curtains will not block out sunlight to create darkness, but they will help to reduce the intensity of the light coming through your windows and give your room a soft glow. For complete blockout of light, it’s best to pair your sheer curtains with other blockout blinds, such as Roller and Double Roller blinds, or Roman blinds.

Caring for your sheer curtains

Sheer curtain fabric is very delicate and should be regularly maintained so they last longer.

A simple cleaning involves giving them a dust over every so often to help reduce the build-up of any grime and dust particles.

If your curtains (in particular, white sheers) are starting to look dirty, you can take them off and give them a wash. When washing, it’s best to hand wash the fabric with a very gentle liquid soap. Make sure not to rub too much in any one spot, or to use too much soap. Make sure to completely rinse the soap out before drying.

To dry them, let them dry on your clothesline and then hang them back up.

Make sure to always follow the cleaning instructions that come with your blinds or curtains, to ensure you’re properly taking care of them!

Measuring your windows for DIY sheer curtains

When you’re doing your home reno yourself, knowing how to correctly measure your windows can be a challenge. That’s why my helpful team has put together a guide on measuring for sheer curtains.

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