Awnings for Your Patio, Deck or Balcony

Awnings for Your Patio, Deck or Balcony

Outdoor awnings

Awnings are the original air conditioner! They work as a supplemental roof, or cover that helps to keep intense sunlight and heat out of indoor and outdoor areas.

Outdoor awnings vs outdoor blinds

Outdoor awnings and blinds are similar, but there is one key difference - how they hang.

Outdoor blinds hang vertically and can either be a partial cover, or they can be used to fully enclose an outdoor area.

Whereas, outdoor awnings sit at a diagonal and are used as more of a roof extender, helping to create more shade and to help reduce the incoming light into your windows.

Types of awnings

Automatic awnings

Due to their stylish design and easy operation, automatic awnings are one of the most popular outdoor awning systems you can buy. Once installed, these awnings offer superior light and temperature control.

Automatic awnings are perfect for ground floor or balcony windows, reflecting up to 70% of heat before it reaches the glass window, making your home far more comfortable in the summer months.

Then, when winter arrives, you can roll up the awnings and welcome in the warmth of the winter sun.

Folding arm awnings (Retractable awnings)

Folding arm awnings, also known as Retractable awnings, are perfect for extending your outdoor living space.

This type of canopy awning is fixed to the side of your home and can extend out or fold away at a moment's notice. Folding arm awnings are perfect for outdoor living areas such as decks, patios, or balconies, offering external shading from the sun or shelter from the rain to enhance your outdoor living space.

Retractable awnings are also a practical way to manage heat in your home. If you have awnings on your windows, up to 70% of heat will be reflected from your windows, which will reduce the need to electronically cool your home in the warmer months.

One of the key benefits of these retractable awnings is that they're incredibly durable. Most other awnings are left exposed to the elements, which over time, can lead to wear and tear. Luckily with folding arm awnings, you can fold them away when wild weather strikes, ensuring that they're protected from damage caused by strong winds or heavy rain.

Where outdoor awnings can be installed

Our awnings are diverse enough to fit windows of all shapes/sizes, no matter how big or small! They're also suitable for a range of different outdoor set-ups, including verandas, patios, decks, and balconies.

Your outdoor awnings are made to size, so they fit perfectly in any space.

Benefits of outdoor awnings

Reduce your energy bills

Awnings block the sun's heat and harmful UV rays before they enter your house, which is a surprisingly effective way to cool your home.

Protect your outdoor furniture

With awnings installed, your furnishings will no longer be exposed to constant UV light. With an increased level of protection from the sun, this means your furniture will have a longer lifespan.

Creates an enjoyable outdoor area

Whether you're hosting a BBQ or just want to sit outside and enjoy a cuppa, awnings can make any outdoor area more pleasant. In summer, you'll be protected from the harsh Aussie sun, then in winter you'll be sheltered from the rain.

Helps to boost your home value

With the right outdoor awnings installed, your home will automatically become more appealing to anyone who sees it. This boost in curb appeal makes prospective homebuyers more interested in your home because of the extra value it adds, which will help you sell your home (should the time come in the future).

Extra shade

Outdoor awnings are a great addition of shade in your area.

The Australian sun is harsh, so having extra shade and protection from UV rays can make a lot of difference.

Measuring for outdoor blinds and awnings

With any window covering installation, it’s important to measure, and then repeat to ensure that your numbers are accurate!

To make sure you’re measuring your windows at the right points, follow our handy guide for automatic awning measurements as well as for folding arm awning measurements.

If you’re not sure whether an awning is the right option for you, consider perhaps choosing something like Windmaster blinds. These blinds can be installed from roof to ground, creating an outdoor room and entertaining space for all year round use.

How to install DIY outdoor window coverings

Installing your new DIY outdoor awnings or blinds doesn’t have to be an all weekend project. Instead, with the help our handy installation guides you can find all the instructions you need in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Are outdoor awnings waterproof?

Outdoor awnings are not waterproof, but they are water resistant, meaning that, if they do get wet, they won’t be damaged. Keep in mind though, when there is a lot of rain, your awnings should be folded away.

Do awnings block wind?

As awnings are installed at a slight angle, they aren’t designed to block wind. When there are strong winds, the best way to protect your awnings is by folding them away. If you’re after an outdoor product specifically to reduce wind in your area, an option like Windmaster blinds is a great alternative. These blinds are designed with wind protection in mind.

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