Shutters vs Venetian Blinds

Shutters vs Venetian Blinds

What’s the difference between shutters and Venetian blinds?

In their look and function, plantation shutters and Venetian blinds are very similar as both are made up of horizontal slats (or louvres) and can be angled to direct incoming light, or closed to provide light filtering and privacy.

Other than the size of their slats, their price, and that shutters have a frame they sit in, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the two.

Comparing shutters and Venetian blinds


Both Venetian blinds and shutters are great for providing privacy and security measures in your home.

As they’re slatted window coverings, they can be angled to where you want your light to go, while maintaining good coverage on your windows.

Depending on your needs, you can choose shutters for a much thicker slat, or Venetians for a thinner option.


Shutters and Venetians can both be easily installed as a DIY project on your weekend.

One thing to note is that shutters have a frame and thicker slats, so they will be heavier and could require an extra pair of hands.

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Venetian blinds are a very budget-friendly option to choose for your home. While they are lower in price, they are still made to a high quality and do have a very similar function to that of shutters.

Shutters are more of a luxury window covering, and do have a higher price point. Although they are more expensive, they do have the benefit of being more elegant, and are a timeless option.

Another point to consider with shutters is that they are said to be a factor in helping to increase the price of your home as they’re very sought after.


Shutters and Venetians are very similar in the material options they offer; consisting of timber and aluminium .

Venetians do have another option in the timber-look and Woodlux blind, which are made from PVC to look like real wood, but instead is a synthetic alternative.

Types of plantation shutters


Aluminium shutters are a very durable window covering for any room in your home. They’re particularly useful in rooms like your bathroom, laundry or kitchen as they are easy to wipe over and are water resistant.

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Timber shutters are a delicate yet very elegant option. They give your space a natural and modern feel, and are great in bedrooms and living rooms.

These shutters should only be used in dry areas of your home, as any prolonged contact with water or humidity can damage the wood grains, causing them to swell and warp the slats.

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Types of Venetian blinds

Aluminium Venetians

Out of all the types of Venetians, aluminium is quite possibly the most versatile option.

Aluminium Venetians can be installed in any room as they are water resistant, can cope with humidity, and are so easy to clean.

Their classic colour is the iconic metallic, however they can also be ordered in a variety of different hues to match your home decor and feel more modern.

Timber Venetians

Timber Venetians are a timeless and natural-looking window covering option for your home!

These Venetians are best suited to living areas, offices and bedrooms as the wood is very delicate and shouldn’t be exposed to humidity or water.

Timber-look Nova Venetians and Woodlux blinds

Timber-look Nova blinds and Woodlux blinds both give your space the natural look of timber, however they’re made from a much more durable PVC. This means they can be installed in all rooms throughout your home, including your bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Are shutters more expensive than Venetian blinds?

Plantation shutters are more expensive than Venetian blinds.

If you’re looking for a similar product and have a smaller budget, Venetian blinds are the better option, however if you have more to spend, shutters do offer a longer lasting and more durable product.

Shutters are also thought to add value to your home, so they can potentially boost your selling price if you decide to move or rent out your place.

Pairing shutters or blinds with curtains

Both shutters and blinds can be paired nicely with curtains.

When pairing blinds and curtains or shutters and curtains together, a great option is choosing sheers. Sheer curtains are made from a light and flowy material, which creates a soft glow in your space when light passes through.

Cleaning Venetian blinds and shutters: which is easier?

Both Venetians and shutters are easy to clean as they are slatted.

With aluminium window coverings, it’s hassle-free to clean them as they are water resistant, however you do need to be mindful when cleaning timber. This is why it’s important to only use a damp cloth and to dry them off straight away.

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