Best Thermal Blinds For Home Insulation

Best Thermal Blinds For Home Insulation

What are thermal blinds?

Thermal blinds are indoor blinds that are made from a thicker material, and provide extra insulating factors for your home.

While insulation should be properly installed throughout your home, if you feel the cold, adding thermal blinds can take the edge off the air and give you a more comfortable winter.

How do blinds insulate?

Blinds sit up against windows, creating a barrier which prevents heat from escaping. The thicker the material, the more insulation the blinds will provide.

Benefits of using thermal blinds for additional insulation

Thermal blinds are one of the most affordable ways to add insulation to your home, as you don’t need to undergo expensive renovations to keep your home warm.

Thermal blinds also help with saving costs on heating bills as you’re not running it 24/7 to ensure a comfortable temperature.

How effective are thermal blinds?

Thermal blinds are a great option to enhance your home’s insulation as they’ll add coverage to your windows and take the chill out of the air.

Best blinds for thermal insulation

Double roller blinds

Double roller blinds are a popular option for homes as they combine two pieces of fabric into one system.

This thermal blackout blind typically utilises a blockout and a sunscreen fabric so you have plenty of flexibility in how much light control, privacy, and insulation your home receives.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are another good insulating blind option for your home due to their thicker material.

These thermal blinds are made up of horizontal fabric slats, making them easy to use, and are a solid barrier to lessen the amount of heat loss during the winter.

Panel blinds

Panel blinds (also referred to as Panel glide blinds) are another insulating blind option for your home.

These blinds are similar to vertical blinds in that they are made up of vertically hanging slats, except that they have thicker and wider panels, providing a nice barrier between your room and the window.

Another benefit of panel blinds is that they are a great option for sliding doors as well as windows. This means that if you need that extra coverage, panel blinds can help, and won’t restrict access to your door.

Learn more about panel blinds in our blog.

Other ways to keep warm this winter

There are also other ways you can keep warm this winter and add insulation to your home.

Simple things such as ensuring any gaps under doors or in floorboards are filled to stop drafts, or by replacing windows with a double glazed option instead of a single pane can make a big difference.

Additional options for staying warm in winter can be found in our blog.

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