7 Affordable ways to winterproof your home

7 Affordable ways to winterproof your home

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When winter rolls around, we usually make sure we've got a puffer ready to wear, marshmallows in the pantry and a hot water bottle handy. But how much preparation is done around the home?

Rather than cranking up the heater and causing your energy bill to soar, here are some simple home hacks that'll help you keep warm this winter.

How to keep your home cosy in winter

  1. Reduce the chill with rubber

    Did you know that up to 40% of your home's heat can escape through the windows and doors? When the temperature drops, start by checking your windows and doors for any cracks or gaps. If you spot any, make a trip down to your local hardware shop for rubber seals and silicone (seals for door gaps and silicone for any window cracks) to keep cold draughts at bay.

  2. DIY door snakes

    If you're renting and want a short-term solution, door snakes are also an easy way to prevent warm air from escaping under your door. These days, there are a range of styles and patterns you can buy. Or, if you're feeling crafty on a rainy day, why not make a few yourself!

  3. Invest in energy efficient blindsĀ 

    When it comes to preventing heat loss in your home, opt for insulating blockout blinds. These blinds are made from a thick opaque fabric which creates an additional layer of insulation against your windows, keeping cool air out and warm air in. Many of our products are available with blockout fabric including popular styles like roller blinds, Roman blinds and panel blinds.

  4. Close the curtains

    Once you have the right blinds or curtains installed, keeping them closed on cooler days is another efficient way to keep out the winter chill. As tempting as it may be to sit and watch the rain trickle down, you'll feel much cosier once the window glass is covered.

  5. Rug up

    Hardwood and polished concrete floors may look cool, but they can definitely feel that way too. The best way to beat the cold in a house without carpets is to lay down thick and cosy rugs. Not only will they bring some added warmth to the room, but they also feel much cosier to walk around on.

  6. Flip it and reverse it

    If you have ceiling fans, there's usually a reverse mode for the cooler months. As soon as cold weather kicks in, turn on the reverse setting to push the warmer air that rises down and draw the cooler air upward.

  7. Landscape to encourage light

    In the summer months, the Aussie sun can be a little too much to bear. But come winter, you'll be wanting all the sunshine you can get to take the chill out of the air. A great way to increase light in your home is to cut back trees and shrubbery surrounding your home, particularly by the windows. This will allow extra light (and therefore heat) to fill your home.

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