Best sellers: Vertisheers and Sheers

Best sellers: Vertisheers and Sheers

The difference between Vertisheers and sheer curtains

Although sheers and Vertisheers share similarities in name, they are two different window covering options.

What are sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are made using a translucent fabric, which helps filter and soften the impact of incoming light.

These curtains are often paired with another window covering like a blind or shutter to add extra privacy, elegance, and light control to your room.

If your room is in a part of your home which doesn’t get a lot of sun, sheer curtains may be all you need to help add privacy without reducing what sunlight you do get.

Sheer curtains are available in a range of colours, including the traditional white, beige, and for a more edgy home decor, black. Depending on the look you want to create, the different colours can help create that mood and style in your room.

Learn more about sheer curtains in our complete guide.

What are Vertisheer blinds?

Vertisheer blinds can be considered both a curtain and blind in one, as they combine the functionality of Vertical blinds with the fabric of sheer curtains.

The sheer fabric slats hang from the top of a window or door frame and can slide easily out of the way.

Vertisheers are a very popular option for living areas as they allow plenty of natural light into the space, but they can also work well to reduce the glare on TV screens, as well as making your room feel larger than it is.

How do Vertisheer blinds work?

Vertisheer blinds come equipped with an innovative cord and chain mechanism.

With a simple twist of the easy-to-use cord, rotate the blinds open to welcome the natural light into your home with an unobstructed view of the outside world.

Rotate the blinds closed, and you'll have complete privacy thanks to Vertisheer blinds’ blockout properties.

How to pair sheer curtains and blinds

Sheer curtains pair perfectly with a range of indoor blinds, as they add more privacy to your home.

For indoor blinds like Roller blinds or Roman blinds, when they’re raised, your windows have no more coverage. However, when you also have sheer curtains on the same window, you gain back privacy as well as reducing the intensity of the light. They’re also a bonus if you don’t really like the look of your blinds and want to cover them up.

To pair your sheers with other blinds, all you need is a curtain rod installed in front of the blinds track.

Find out more about how to pair sheer curtains and blinds in our blog.

Can you pair Vertisheers with other blinds?

As Vertisheers are both a curtain and blind in one unique system, there’s no need to pair them with another window covering.

The main benefit of Vertisheers is that they give you the best features of both blinds and curtains without needing anything extra.

Will sheer curtains protect furniture?

Sheer curtains won’t give your furniture complete protection, but they will significantly reduce the amount of sun exposure to the fabric. This helps your furniture to maintain the colour of the fabric, as well as prevents any wood or rattan pieces from weakening.

If you have valuable pieces of furniture, the best way to keep them looking nice is by not placing them in direct sunlight.

How to care for your Vertisheers and sheer curtains

When it comes to cleaning your curtains, the gentler the better!

To remove dust and debris, lightly bunch the curtains together and give them a gentle shake.

If you see any persistent spots that can't be shaken or brushed off, use water, a mild detergent, and a clean wet sponge to blot the stain and then dab with white wine vinegar. Be careful not to rub the fabric as this can damage the material fibres.

To dry the curtains, hang them in a shady spot outside.

To find a step-by-step cleaning method for your curtains, visit our guide.

Installing sheer curtains and Vertisheer blinds

Feel like a DIY pro and install your new Vertisheer blinds or sheer curtains quickly and simply using our handy installation guides.


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