How to: Make a DIY Indoor Terrarium

How to: Make a DIY Indoor Terrarium

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You may not have the garden space, skills or attention span to foster your green thumb, but that shouldn't stop you! DIY terrariums are generating a lot of hype these days as they're a low maintenance way to make your home feel more beautiful on a budget.

If you're keen to get your hands dirty, keep reading below for the Half Price Blinds guide to creating your very own garden in a glass.

What you need to make a terrarium

You'll need:

  • Clear glass jar
  • Rocks (polished pebbles, sea glass, marbles, etc.)
  • Sheet moss
  • Soil
  • Greenery (succulents, moss, mini cacti, small begonias, air plants etc.).
  • Gardening gloves
  • Spoons
  • Funnel set
  • Spray bottle

How to make a terrarium in five simple steps

    1. Choose a glass container

Before you get started, you'll need a jar or container that is clear (to help plant growth) and has a wide opening (for easy planting).

    1. Layer the rocks

Place a handful of polished rocks in the bottom of the vessel. This bottom layer will help to shape the terrarium, allow proper drainage, and increase aeration. Get creative and use multi-coloured rocks or even glass marbles for extra wow factor.

    1. Form a barrier

Soak the sheet moss in water for a few seconds before squeezing out any excess liquid. Place this over the rocks to form a barrier and stop the soil you're about to add from moving down to the bottom of the container.

    1. Next step: soil

Using your funnel, fill the container with several centimetres of soil. If you're planting moss, you'll need a peat moss mixture (less prone to mould), but for most other plants, regular potting mix should be fine.

    1. Pop in the plants

All you need to do now is plant the plants as you would in your outdoor garden. If you've never planted before, it's easy. Simply loosen the roots, place the plant in a shallow layer of soil and softly pat down the surrounding soil with your spoon. Make sure to give the plants a light watering to prevent transplant shock.

Common Terrarium Mistakes

Terrariums are generally low maintenance, but they do require a healthy environment in order to flourish. To keep your garden in a glass looking its best, avoid making the following mistakes.

    • Too Much Light

One of the things to remember about terrariums is that the glass can act as a magnifier! This means that if placed in direct sunlight, your indoor plants can easily burn. Aside from keeping your terrarium away from the windowsills, the right indoor blinds will help regulate the temperature for your plants.

Consider switching to styles like sheer curtains or vertisheers. The sheer fabric of these window curtains will filter natural light to prevent your terrarium from overheating.

    • Too Little Light

On the flipside, your plants still need light to survive! If your indoor plants aren't getting enough natural light, it's worth adjusting your blinds. Styles like venetian blinds, vertical blinds and shutters feature adjustable slats or panels, making it easy to control light levels in your home and keep your plants happy!

    • Too Much Water

Over-watering is easy to do but it can be fatal for the indoor plants in your terrarium! A simple way to prevent this is to use a spray bottle instead of a watering can.

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