Try these simple hacks for happier plants

Try these simple hacks for happier plants

These days, you'd be hard-pressed to walk into someone's home and not find an abundance of indoor plants! They're a great way to add life into the room, generate cleaner air for you to breath and promote a sense of calm. The only downside is the struggle to keep them alive and thriving!

When indoor plants perish, often water (too much or too little), air conditioning and poor drainage are the key culprits. But have you considered the impact your blinds may be having on your green leafy babies?

General tips for healthy houseplants

Follow the care instructions

If you purchase your plants from a nursery, they should have care instructions on the label. If not, a quick online search is all it takes to learn your new baby's needs and wants.

Watch your watering

When people have multiple houseplants under the one roof, they often get into the habit of mass-watering. This a huge no-no, as different species have different water needs.

Forget fung shui

While it can be refreshing to rearrange the greenery from time-to-time, it can also be incredibly disruptive to your indoor plants. Houseplants get used to being in one space with a certain amount of natural light, so moving them around will only lead to their ill health.

Match blinds with plants

Different blinds let in different amounts of natural light. Some plants thrive in indirect sunlight, while others need constant sun. Once you have worked out the most suitable area for your plants, the next step is to determine the best window treatments.

Best blinds for indoor plants

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most functional ways to manage heat and light in the home. They're also one of the best styles for healthy indoor plants. Our roller blinds can be custom-made with light-filtering translucent or sunscreen fabric to ensure that your houseplants get just right amount of natural sunlight throughout the day.

If you're interested in roller blinds, I recommend ordering some fabric samples (order up to six for free!). Once they arrive, you can hold them up to your window and see which fabric will be best for your home and your houseplants.

Venetian blinds

As we already know, pretty much every plant needs some form of natural light to survive. That's why venetian blinds are such a smart choice. These blinds feature thin horizontal slats that can be adjusted to control and amount of sunlight that streams in, and the direction! With such control over the light your plants will receive, this makes these blinds ideal for pairing with houseplants that enjoy natural light in small doses.

Vision blinds

Vision blinds are a unique style that combine the features and benefits of a roller blinds and venetian blinds in one. These blinds feature two layers of horizontally striped fabrics, which work in harmony to filter soft light and protect your privacy.

With vision blinds installed, you can customise the level of natural light throughout the day, making them ideal for plants that need non-direct sunlight and low levels of heat to flourish. To see which blinds pair best with which plants, check out this guide on how to pair houseplants with blinds.

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