Why Sheer Curtains?

Bring understated elegance to any room of the home with our custom sheer curtains. Unlike other types of window curtains or drapes, sheers are a modern style of fabric window covering and can easily be paired with ready made curtains for dual functionality.

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With their soft appearance and excellent light filtering properties, sheer curtains make ideal bedroom window treatments. For unmatched levels of privacy, pair your sheers with other types of curtains and blinds, such as blockout curtains, to block out the outside world. This pairing will also give you complete control over light levels and will help to regulate room temperature.

During the warmest hours of the day, sheer curtains will soften harsh light to protect your furniture from sun damage and prevent on-screen glare. It’s for these reasons that sheers make excellent living room curtains. The sheers can also be easily opened and drawn stylishly to one side of the window for complete natural light on cooler or shadier days.

At Half Price Blinds, we offer the convenience of buying our sheer curtains online in your choice of style and shade. Choose from light cream, grey and white sheer curtains, through to light brown and dark charcoal sheers.