Sydney Style: Get the minimalist look with these blinds

Sydney Style: Get the minimalist look with these blinds

After visiting the effortlessly stylish suburb of Brunswick, we're moving over to Sydney! From world-class shopping to visually striking architecture, this thriving city has no shortage of style to boast about.

Visit Sydney and you'll find minimalism everywhere, from upmarket clothing stores to the average suburban home. The reason for its astounding popularity is, of course, because minimalism isn't just about embracing a particular design style. For many people, minimalism isn't just a style, it's a lifestyle that says goodbye to clutter and embraces clean living. Instead, fill the home with only beautiful and useful objects, such as window treatments.

In addition to adding to your home's overall visual appeal, these functional furnishings provide the added benefits of light and privacy control. To achieve a minimalist look in your home, here's which window treatments to look out for.


The simplicity of shutters makes them the perfect accompaniment to this style. These durable window treatments feature clean, horizontal lines that create the illusion of a larger space. Once installed, the visual theme of bold lines can be incorporated into other aspects of the home, such as artwork, fixtures or shelves. Appearances aside, shutters also help to bring an abundance of light and air into any room, which can further aid in creating a fresh, modern space. Read more reasons to choose aluminium shutters here.

Vertical Blinds

These blinds are often categorised by their practical, modern design. Unlike curtains which can add unnecessary bulk when drawn, vertical blinds can be installed over large glass panels and then drawn back to form one uniform collection of fabric slats.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds continue to be one of the most popular styles of window treatments in Aussie homes - and for a good reason! As the name suggests, these blinds can be rolled up or down to control light, privacy and your view. The blinds consist of a single roll of fabric which forms a clean, uniform appearance when rolled down. When rolled up, the fabric is stored neatly inside a headbox to ensure your window and view remain completely unobstructed. Either way, you win!

To find out more about rollers, check out this blog where we put roller blinds in the spotlight.

Personalising your blinds

It's also worth mentioning that just because minimalism favours clean and uncluttered spaces, doesn't mean that it's void of personality. The best minimalist homes reflect their owner's taste and lifestyle through colour and design choices. Here at Half Price Blinds, you can customise your blinds and other window treatments to best suit your tastes, to really give your home the personal touch.

Choosing your colours

When creating a classic minimalist interior, it's important to consider a colour scheme that balances subtlety and beauty. Minimalist design doesn't mean all-white everything. Instead, play with neutral colours that have colourful undertones. Cream colours with yellow or blue undertones can give your home a warmer or crisper look. Or, if you want to introduce some colour, choose shades that are easy on the eyes and work well with the neutrals, such as earth-tone browns, blues, tans, and greens.

Want to bring the minimal look into your home with new blinds? Don't hesitate to ask for help via Facebook, or call our Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041.

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