Queensland Style: Blinds and shutters to get the French provincial look

Queensland Style: Blinds and shutters to get the French provincial look

Moving north of Sydney to sunny Queensland, this month's feature interior design style is the chic and carefully put-together look, French provincial, inspired by none other than the innately stylish French. Warm, cosy and inviting, this feminine style is a beautiful reflection of the homes in Provence (the south of France) in the 17th and 18th century and can be easily brought to life in your own home.

What is French Provincial?

Although this French-inspired design style dates back to the 1700s, it's inherently timeless. Over the years, it has evolved from a style that exudes luxury, to one that's a lot more welcoming and achievable for any budget. For this reason, it's no surprise that French provincial has been such a firm favourite interior design style to replicate in Aussie homes.

For a classically French country room that can transport you deep to the heart of Provence, here are some interior design elements to consider.

Features of French decor

The French provincial style is characterised by a neutral colour palette and an eclectic mix of functional yet fashionable homewares and antiques.

In any French country style home or interior, it's common to see raw and natural materials, such as wrought iron, carved timber, rustic timber and stone. The use of these materials ensures that the interior remains warm and down to earth, as this French style is decidedly unpretentious. However, there is an appreciation for the finer elements of furniture and accessories, so elegant items such as a fancy vase or chandelier can also be added to the interior to juxtapose rustic charm.

French Provincial Window Treatments

Channel your inner interior designer with these French style blinds and shutters. These three styles are all available at Half Price Blinds online for an affordable price and in a huge range of colours and styles to help bring the French provincial look to life.

Roman Blinds

First on the list are Roman blinds. Just like the style of French provincial, these blinds are timeless. They also pair well with both classic and contemporary styled homes. Romans consist of one stylish roll of fabric that can elevate the look of any space and complement existing furniture, all while offering total light and privacy control.


Plantation shutters are a popular feature in French provincial homes, due to their classic and chic appearance. White shutters in particular, are a timeless choice as they can bring a refined touch of country charm to any home, on the other hand, dark-coloured shutters create a striking contrast against light-coloured walls. Regardless of the colour you choose, shutters will work to increase natural light and airflow in any room.

French country style favours natural materials like wood, wrought iron and linen, so it's for this reason that our basswood timber shutters make the perfect choice. These hardwood shutters are popular for their lightweight and durable properties, in addition to an attractive appearance. They're available in stylish shades of black, white, cream and grey.


French provincial is all about a down to earth elegance, which vertisheer blinds are the perfect blend of. These blinds offer a modern twist on traditional country style window coverings, combining the softness of a curtain, with the chic appearance of a sheer blind. Blinds with a sheer fabric layer, such as vertisheers, are great for covering large windows or doors as they give the room a larger and lighter look and feel. Plus, your privacy is maintained throughout the day!

French Country Colours

At the heart of French provincial style is a soft and natural colour palette, consisting heavily of shades of white, cream and muted earth tones. Whites and creams are perfect for creating a calming, neutral backdrop. Choose these colours for your walls and window blinds to make the ornate elements of your home shine. French provincial homes are also heavily inspired by the French landscape, so if you'd like to experiment with colours, lean towards warm gold, earthy greens, bright blues, and even dark shades of reds.

Want to bring the French provincial look into your home with new blinds? Don't hesitate to ask for help via Facebook or call our Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041. We deliver Australia-wide, plus most orders over $199 come with free delivery!

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