Harvey Helps: Guide to window seats and bay window blinds

Harvey Helps: Guide to window seats and bay window blinds

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There's something about a window seat or reading nook that instantly elevates the cosiness levels in your home. They're the perfect way to turn unused space into extra seating or even storage, while offering a homey haven for daydreaming, sun basking, reading and napping.

Whether you're considering installing a bay window seat or want some ideas on how to improve your existing nook, keep reading!

What are bay windows?

These days, you don't see a lot of bay windows in modern homes, but they were once a popular feature. Most commonly seen in character homes, bay windows are a glass-sided recess in the home that protrudes outwards and forms a ‘bay'.

Not only are these window features visually intriguing, but they're also great for increasing natural light and of course, offering an opportunity to add a bay window seat.

How to build a window seat?

If you don't already have this feature built into your home, there are two options for doing so: DIY or hire a pro! If you've forayed into do-it-yourself projects in the past it might be worth tackling on your own to save money (just one of the many benefits of DIY jobs). Popular options include using ready-made cabinetry or constructing a bench base from your own supply of timber or plywood.

DIY window seats are a lot simpler to make if it's a straight bench seat. Curved bay windows are much tricker to custom build for, so in these instances it may be worth hiring an expert.

Where to add a window seat

A window nook or seat can have a place in just about any room, even if you don't have a bay window. All that's essential is a little extra space to utilise. Some of our favourite window seat locations include the following.

Bedroom: Add an extra element of comfort to your sanctuary with a window seat. Aside from offering a cosy nook to curl up on, you can also consider building in storage to keep throw rugs and blankets during the summer months.

Bathroom: Got space alongside your shower? Add bench seating to fill the void. This will provide a spot to sit while pampering or getting ready, or even for your partner to perch on and keep you company.

Living room: Want extra seating without blocking your window views? Consider a built-in bay window seat or simple bench seating alongside a straight window. Additions like these make for great reading nooks, or casual seating spots for guests.

How to decorate a window seat

Fade-proof fabric: Choose outdoor fabric to cover any window seat cushions or pillows to prevent fading. As this area will receive an abundance of sunlight, any fabric there will easily fade if you don't pick the right material.

Comfy cushions: Opt for built-in cushions that are at least 6cm thick and consider adding firm backing pillows to support your back. Throw cushions and rugs will also add to the cosiness of your nook.

Add outlets: With work being conducted from home more often these days, nearby electrical outlets are essential. Rather than having to leave your sunny spot, you'll then be able to charge all devices without moving.

Cover the windows: To prevent glare or heat gain via your bay windows, add window treatments. Once installed you'll have complete control over light, UV and privacy levels.

How to measure a bay window for blinds?

With odd angles and multiple window faces to cover, measuring a bay window for blinds may sound tricky but in reality, it's pretty simple process!

To measure a bay window for blinds, simply measure the back wall (closest to the glass) and apply deductions shown on this table to match the product you're interested in.

Best bay window blinds

All of our blinds, curtains and shutters are custom made to suit your windows, but there are certain styles that work better than others.

Roman blinds: Striking windows call for striking blinds. Romans offer the functionality of a roller blind but with added flair, making them perfect for bay windows. Simply raise to let light flood the room, or lower to block it out.

Sheer curtains: If privacy isn't a huge concern, then sheers are the way to go. These drapes will filter any sunshine to reduce glare without darkening the room too much. Better still, sheers won't block your view throughout the day.

Shutters: Unlike blinds which have ropes, chains or cords, bay window shutters are completely free of any operating devices. Instead, they are operated by manually adjusting the slats, which means your bay windows will be free of excess clutter.

Looking for bay window blinds? Why not get in touch! You can reach us via Facebook or by calling my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041, and they'll beat any competing in-store or online blinds quote you may have by a huge 10 percent!

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