6 Home decor items worth the splurge

6 Home decor items worth the splurge

Whether you're moving or simply want to revamp your space, home decor items can add up! Rather than buying everything on a budget or going all out with your room decor splurges, interior designers often recommend allocating specific items to spend more money on.

Here, we've rounded up six home decor items that we think are worth the splurge, from the functional to the fashionable.

Functional Decor Items

A decent mattress

There's no doubt about it: you can't put a price tag on a good night's sleep! While you may feel included to change up your doona cover or bedside lamps every so often, a decent mattress will never go out of style.

Opt for brands that have a long warranty, or that offer sleep trials prior to the final purchase. This way, you can ensure your investment is a good one, even if you end up buying online without trialling in-store beforehand.

Window treatments

Adding indoor blinds, curtains and shutters can elevate any room, particularly if they're custom made, like ours are! When your window treatments are made to fit your windows, it creates a tailored, refined look that adds a little extra 'wow factor' to any room.

Appearances aside, the functionality that quality blinds can provide is unmatched. With the right blinds, curtains or shutters installed, you can enjoy total light and privacy control. Block out light for a good night's rest and then open them right back up to increase the sunlight - which has the ability to improve your wellbeing, or to stop nosey neighbours from looking into your windows - the practical benefits are endless.

Vacuum cleaner

You know what they say... one minute you're young and fun, the next you're getting excited about cleaning appliances!

As technology advances, an increasing number of hoovers are coming on the market to meet any number of household cleaning needs. From cordless vacuums to 2-in-1 vacuum mops, your options are endless! But don't just buy the latest product on the market just because it sounds cool. It's well worth your time and energy to carefully research each model to make sure you get your bang for your buck.

Our advice? Look for long warranties, great user reviews and trusted brands. A great vacuum isn't always cheap, but it sure can save valuable cleaning time around your home over the years, making it a worthy investment.

Luxurious linens

We spend a large portion of our time sleeping, so it should go without saying that investing in quality sheets should be a top priority!

There's no need to blow your budget on 1000 count Egyptian cotton, of course. These days, you can grab sustainable, breathable fabrics like linen, flax or bamboo for decent prices. While they're more expensive than the average cotton sheet, your skin will certainly notice the difference!

The Decorative Room Accessories

Coffee table book

They might set you back one hundred dollars or more, but you can never go wrong with a beautiful coffee table book. A statement book can be both aesthetically pleasing and informative; something that makes a statement about your personality and interests, whilst bringing a unique look to the decor. Whether you're into fashion, photography, architecture, travel... you name it, there's bound to be a beautiful coffee table book out there on it.


Just like your window treatments, artwork is often the focal point of a room. However, unlike window treatments, you can get a little more creative. Artwork can be loud and quirky, or it can be sophisticated and sleek - it's up to you.

From abstract prints, to large scale photographs, you can adorn your walls with anything your heart desires. Better yet, there are countless options out there to suit any budget, including one-off original artworks and affordable replica prints.

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