Ways to Improve Your House's Exterior

Ways to Improve Your House's Exterior

Tips for improving your house's exterior

  1. Give your front door a revamp

    One big change you can make to transform the appearance of your house's exterior is by updating your front door. To change the style of your door entirely, we suggest looking for a new door that matches the architectural style of your home, or to choose a door that lets in more light (e.g., a door with glass panels).

    To maintain your privacy with a door that has a glass panel in or beside it, you could opt for frosted glass, or add a stylish blind or covering.

    Some blinds that are suitable for small windows, such as a glass pane in your front door, are Roller blinds and Venetian blinds. These are both versatile blind options which give you great control of light and privacy, and come in variety of shades to match your door.

    If you're already happy with the style of your door, you can simply add a fresh coat of paint to give it a brand-new look! This is a great opportunity to add a pop of colour and make a statement, or to hide any imperfections or paint chips your door has collected over the years.

    Options for front door colours are to go with paint colours that are complementary to the colour scheme of the rest of our house's exterior. For example, if you have a neutral exterior house colour scheme, choose a bright and funky front door colour.

    If you're renting and can't make permanent changes to your door, a good spring clean can make a world of difference. You can do this by wiping down any marks off the surface, polishing the door handle and lubricating the hinges.

  2. Let the light shine on your house

    If you have the space and the required wiring, consider installing a porch light next to your door. With an outdoor light, your home will always look cosy and inviting to guests, plus it makes unlocking your door at night much easier and safer!

    If you aren't able to install electric lights, placing solar lighting in your garden beds or along the path to your door can be a nice addition to your house's exterior. You could even pop in some fairy lights around your trees or fence. They may not shine as bright, but they'll help to create a lovely glow to your home. A paint colour to add to your entrance area to make it feel warm and inviting without installing lights is a shade of yellow. Yellow is a happy colour and will make your guests feel welcome instantly.

  3. Update your house's exterior with plantation shutters

    If you're searching for ways to improve the appeal of your house's exterior, multiple design experts recommend installing outdoor shutters, sometimes also referred to as plantation shutters. This is because outdoor shutters, particularly ones made from aluminium, can boost the value of your home.

    The addition of aluminium outdoor shutters to your windows can help to create a neat and uniform appearance. Appearances aside, shutters also tick a lot of boxes for home buyers, especially for those who value security, privacy, and durability. Lucky for you, you can purchase DIY outdoor shutters directly from our online store. Simply measure your windows, pick your preferred colour and they'll be shipped to your door in no time.

  4. Pay attention to the small details

    When it comes your outdoor decor, it's not all about the big show-stopping furnishings and fixtures. Sometimes, the smallest of details can make the world of difference.

    Some small ways to improve the decor and the finishes of your house's exterior is through making changes to items such as your mailbox or even your house numbers. Not only does this make it easier for the postie to deliver your mail, but upgrading your house numbers to something more fun, colourful, and exciting, is a functional upgrade that can also be an opportunity to get creative.

  5. Finish with furnishings

    Furnishings are a great way to make your space feel more inviting and cosier. Not to mention, they are also nice to have when you want to get some fresh air. If you have the room, rocking chairs, love seats, pod chairs or alfresco lounges are the way to go. Nothing says ‘stay a while' like a comfy seat!

    When choosing outdoor furniture, make sure any cushions are machine-washable or even waterproof so they can be cleaned regularly, and won't be ruined by any bad weather. Cushion coverings also provide you with a way of adding more colour outside your house.

    If you don't have a lot of space to add outdoor furniture, even just a single chair or stool will go a long way in making your house appear more inviting.

Exterior paint colour schemes for your house

Deciding on a paint colour or colour scheme for the exterior of your house can be challenging; go too bold and it can look mismatched or go too plain and it's not very exciting.

The best colour combination for the exterior of your house is to create a neutral-based colour scheme and choose an area of your exterior to accentuate through a bright colour. A neutral colour scheme includes soft, earthy colours, such as beige, cream, grey and light brown. When choosing an accent colour, this is where you can have some fun. We recommend choosing a contrasting colour combination to the palette you've created, so it creates a cohesive and well-balanced exterior colour scheme.

When purchasing exterior house paint, it's important to remember to make sure you're choosing outdoor paint. Outdoor paint is specifically designed to withstand the weather and to be applied to different surfaces. If you're not sure what you need to buy when painting the outside your house, it's best to check at your local store to make sure your paint is going to last!

If you're wanting to create a modern exterior colour scheme for your house, a popular outside colour combination is using different shades of grey as your main colour palette and highlighting elements of your house's exterior design with white and black.

There's no tried and tested method as to what will work best for your home, but you can get some inspiration by looking at what other houses are doing in your area, online, or by going into a store and trying to put some paint swatches together to find a colour scheme you like for your house's exterior!

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