6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

What is spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is known as the one time each year where you give your home a deep clean inside and out! Spring is the time of new beginnings, which is a great time to give your home the attention it deserves. It's also just before the start of summer, when it's often too hot to do much work outside, so why not take advantage of the warmer weather to get these chores out of the way!

What's included in a spring clean?

Spring cleaning is all about tackling the areas that get overlooked and forgotten about throughout the year. Unlike a regular household clean, a spring clean involves getting into every nook and cranny inside and outside your home.

How to start your spring clean?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of deep cleaning your home, a good place to start is by decluttering! Decluttering gets rid of any rubbish that's built up and gives you the opportunity to decide on what you no longer want to keep. This is a good time to donate items to your local secondhand stores, or even sell things you no longer want or have a need for.

For more tips on how you can declutter your home, head to our blog post.

Tips for spring cleaning

Prioritise seasonal jobs

Warm spring weather is perfect for tackling outdoor jobs like cleaning the BBQ, hosing down outdoor furniture, and removing cobwebs from your alfresco area and blinds. By getting these tasks out of the way now, you can be ready to invite your friends and family around for a get together whenever you like!

If you don't already have outdoor blinds, this is a great time to clean out your outdoor area and create an entertaining space! Here are some of the best outdoor styles to make alfresco entertaining more comfortable all year round.

Make a spring cleaning checklist for each room

If the thought of spending the entire day spring cleaning fills you with dread, here's a tip: approach cleaning your home by tackling one room at a time.

Create a checklist for each room of the house and start each one when you get a spare moment, rather than all in one go. You might find home cleaning a much more enjoyable process by using this method.

Wash windows on cloudy days

Some people think it's better to wash your windows when it's hot outside as it'll dry faster, but your windows drying fast is what causes streaks to appear as it dries too fast for you to wipe the excess water off!

That's why it's better to choose a warm, but slightly overcast day so it gives you enough time to wash, clean and remove the excess water with an absorbent cloth.

Another way to avoid streaky windows is to wash the glass with water and a microfibre cloth – a combination that's often more effective than harsh cleaning chemicals!

Reduce your spring cleaning products

Walk into any local supermarket cleaning aisle and you'll be overwhelmed with the cleaning products available. From miracle tile cleaners to wonder kitchen bench-top wipes, there are endless options for every room of the home.

The truth is, you don't need a specific product for every surface in your home. All they do is add unnecessary clutter. In our opinion, the real champions of spring cleaning are basic supplies like quality microfiber cloths and all-purpose cleaners (which can easily be made yourself).

Go natural with your spring cleaning

The best way to spring clean your home with natural products is to make a homemade cleaner yourself. To make a basic cleaning solution, simply add all the ingredients below into a spray bottle, tighten the lid and shake well before using.

Ingredients for a natural cleaning solution

  • ½ cup vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp castile soap
  • 5 drops essential oil (mint or citrus)

Another favourite eco-friendly cleaning tip is to use bi-carb soda to refresh coffee or tea-stained mugs. Fill the stained mug with one part bi-carb and two parts of water. Then leave it to soak overnight before scrubbing and rinsing the mug with fresh water.

Places you shouldn't forget to clean

There are a few places in your home that many people overlook and often don't clean, or don't clean often enough. Here are some of the places you should be regularly cleaning:

Your doormats

Doormats are trampled every day with dirt, sand, grass and more. While this sinks into the mat and often isn't that visible, all that build-up is just sitting there.

A good habit to get into, is removing the build up by vacuuming your mats, or by taking them outside to shake and hit against a wall, releasing the dirt that's deeper than the vacuum head can reach.

Clean out the lint filter in your dryer

Did you know that a common cause of house fires is the build-up of clothes lint that hasn't been emptied? While we often remember to clean the easy to access filter after each load of clothes, a lot of excess lint isn't caught and can sit deeper inside the dryer.

Dryers now have a removeable access panel so you can clean out any lint that hasn't been caught, and therefore help to prevent a fire! It's good to deep clean the lint every few months to keep on top of it.

Washing your blinds and curtains

Your window coverings are a prime location for collecting dust and dirt over time, so it's always important to include them in your cleaning routine.

An easy way to remove dust from blind slats is to grab an old (but clean) sock instead. With the sock on your hand, you can easily glide over each slat and remove any dust and debris! Just remember, when cleaning anything that's dusty, try to wear a mask so you're not inhaling all the dust particles and making yourself sneeze!

For material window coverings such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, or shutters, they are easy to clean with a wet cloth and some soapy water.

For curtains, some can go through the washing machine on a delicate spin cycle, however it's best to handwash curtains to make sure they aren't damaged. In particular, sheer curtains should always be handwashed as they are made from a very delicate fabric however, it's always best to follow the washing instructions which come with your curtains.

To learn more about how you can give your window coverings a good clean, head to our website!

Wiping down marks on your walls

Something that's often overlooked is our walls! Particularly if you have pets, kids, or furniture up against the wall, marks are not uncommon. There are some great tools out there for removing tougher marks, such as magic erasers, but most marks will come off easily with cleaning products and a sponge.

This is especially important to do if you are renting, however it's a good habit to get into with your own home, to keep your walls looking fresh!

Cleaning your microwave

For most people, microwaves are not a fun cleaning activity! It's awkward to get inside to give it a good clean, plus if bits of food have been there for a while, it might take a lot of scrubbing power.

A great tip for easily cleaning your microwave is to fill a microwave-safe bowl with water, add some lemon juice into the bowl and then set the microwave for 5 minutes.

The water and lemon juice creates steam, which helps to loosen any build-up of food or gunk. After the 5 minutes, simply wipe over the inside walls and the turntable and you'll have a freshly cleaned microwave.

Cleaning your chopping boards

While chopping boards are handwashed regularly, it's good to give them a deep clean every so often. To do this, all you need are lemons and baking soda.

Cut your lemons in half and use one half on each board. Using the exposed side of the lemon, rub it all over the board and sprinkle baking soda on top. Let is sit for a few minutes and then either handwash them or put them through the dishwasher for thoroughly cleaned chopping boards.

A few other places not to forget to include in your spring clean are:

  • Windowsills
  • Sliding door tracks
  • Lightshades

Cleaning your filters

In your home, you're bound to have many filters that haven't been cleaned in a while, like your bathroom exhaust fan, as well as the filters in your air-conditioning or heating units and above your stove top.

When filters aren't cleaned, they block the regulation of air, making them not work properly. Have you ever felt like your air con is on full power but isn't cooling your home? Perhaps cleaning the filters will help!

To clean them, it's best to do this in the sink and use warm water and a sponge or cloth. Once the mesh is clear, let them sit, then dry off any excess water before putting them back. It's important they are completely dry, so water doesn't get into your system.

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