Harvey's Hacks: How to build the ultimate alfresco kitchen

Harvey's Hacks: How to build the ultimate alfresco kitchen

You can't go wrong with an alfresco kitchen here in Australia! With countless sunny days and balmy evenings throughout the year, this addition to your home will make outdoor entertaining all the more enjoyable.

If creating an alfresco kitchen is something you're interested in, keep reading for our top ideas and tips.

Alfresco Kitchen Ideas and Tips

Make a layout plan

The location of your alfresco kitchen is key! Even though you may be excited to get started, it's essential to take the time to consider the best place for every aspect of your new outdoor kitchen area.

Access to water and gas for cooking should be your priority above all else. Your alfresco kitchen should be in a position where you can run a gas line (to avoid the need to refill BBQ gas bottles) and be connected to water for the sink. Future you will thank us for being able to make tasty dishes like this grilled stone fruit salad with ease!

Research your appliances

Aside from the basics (sink and barbeque), have a think if there are any other appliances that you want to add to your alfresco. Affordability will obviously play a big part in the decision-making process, as will functionality. It may be worth investing a bit of extra money in appliances or features that you're going to use time and time again.

Popular options include a rangehood (especially if your kitchen is undercover), pizza oven, hot plate and outdoor fridge - to name a few.

Look for ways to weather-proof

You're investing time, effort and money into your new alfresco kitchen, so you should make sure you can use it all year-round! One of the best ways to weather-proof any outdoor space is with the addition of blinds, shutters or awnings.

Best alfresco kitchen blinds

Windmaster blinds: Designed here in Australia, these blinds have been specifically designed to minimise fabric movement, even when strong gusts are blowing! As an added benefit, the tightly-woven outdoor sunscreen fabric these blinds are made from is effective in reducing heat and can keep creepy crawlies at bay!

Aluminium outdoor shutters: Made from a non-corrosive material protected by naturally occurring oxide film, aluminium shutters are as durable as they come. These shutters are a great alternative to other kitchen blinds, as they're resistant to damage, even when exposed to the steam and splashes of a busy kitchen environment.

Aluminium shutters are also the perfect way to create a partially enclosed alfresco kitchen on a budget. The louvres of the shutters can be opened to generate airflow, or shut to block out cold winds, plus improve your privacy!

Lay out before you pay out

Once you have a rough idea of the alfresco kitchen blinds and appliances you want, start working on the layout of your alfresco kitchen. If you're in need of some extra inspiration, Pinterest has plenty of alfresco kitchen designs to browse.

Whatever look you're going for, you'll want to keep the sink, benchtop prep space and cooking area all within close proximity to each other for your convenience.

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