Think Child-Safe When Choosing Blinds

Think Child-Safe When Choosing Blinds

Creating a safe home

While I don't have to worry about little Harveys running around the house just yet, child-safety is a top priority here at Half Price Blinds. If you're a parent yourself, or just want to be prepared, you'll be glad to know that all our blinds are supplied with the latest safety devices. Even the most vigilant parent can't keep their child out of harm's way, but selecting child-friendly products for your home significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

Some accidents you can see coming from a mile away, like a pile of building blocks just waiting to be trodden on, or a puddle of water on the floor ready to make someone slip over. However, accidents involving long and unsecured curtain or blind cords are not so obvious. Whilst tension devices are a good option to anchor cords to the wall or floor, they're still not the safest choice with little ones around. The best safety measure is to eliminate the need for cords, ropes or chains altogether.

With our child-friendly blinds and awnings, you can eliminate the need for dangerous cords, ropes and chains altogether, to create a much safer home environment for your family without compromising on practicality and style. Plus, you'll sleep a little easier knowing you have one less thing to worry about!

In addition to installing child-safe blinds, another handy tip is to keep anything your tiny tots can climb onto away from the windows. We all know how much toddlers love to explore, so it's best to stop little hands from grabbing onto your window treatments before it happens.

If you're interested in installing child-friendly window treatments, don't hesitate to call my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041. They'll even beat any competing quote you may have by 5 percent!


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