Six things you should never keep in bathroom storage

Six things you should never keep in bathroom storage

When it comes to organising your home, the bathroom is probably one of the last places you tidy up. Not only does it get seen rarely by guests, but it's likely housing heaps of items that have accumulated over time. We don't want to burst your bubble (bath) but plenty of the items in your bathroom storage probably shouldn't be there.

Organise your bathroom

    1. Razors

Walk into anyone's bathroom and you're bound to spot a razor or two in the shower or near the bathroom sink. Despite how common it is to leave your razor in an accessible spot, it's actually detrimental to its quality and lifespan! Razors don't do well when exposed to damp, humid environments like the bathroom. In fact, that's why you often find rust on the blade. Our tip? Keep your body hair remover somewhere cool and dry.

    1. Jewellery and accessories

Similar to your razor, your jewellery won't fare too well in humid conditions either! Whether you wear family heirlooms or adorn yourself with cheap fashion jewellery, it should all be kept as far away from the humid conditions of the bathroom as possible. Invest in a jewellery box or hanger for your bedroom to prevent the metal from tarnishing.

    1. Wooden blinds

If you're looking for blinds for the bathroom, any products made from wood are a big no-no! Wooden blinds or timber blinds will only absorb moisture over time, causing them to buckle, warp and break easily.

The best blinds for your bathroom are typically made of synthetic materials, like PVC or aluminium. That's just one of the many reasons why we recommend choosing aluminium shutters for wet ares like the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. For more tips on the best blinds for bathrooms, check out our guide on the best blinds for wet areas.

    1. Medicine

The bathroom may seem like a natural place to put your prescription medications, but as the labels state, a cool, dark place is the best storage spot! In your bathroom, heat and moisture from the shower, sink and bath (if you're lucky) may make the medication less effective, or cause it to expire sooner than the listed expiration date.

    1. Fragrances

Despite the deceiving name (eau de toilette), your perfume and other fragrances like colognes shouldn't be stored in the bathroom. Instead, look for a spot on a shelf or cupboard in your bedroom. This will ensure your signature scent doesn't deteriorate or change smell over time.

    1. Books and magazines

This one shouldn't be too much of an eye-opener, but it's surprising just how many people leave their latest read in the bathroom. Yes, it may be convenient when you're soaking in the tub (or sitting on the loo), it's also a sure-fire way to get mouldy pages. So, unless you're not overly precious about your reading material, we suggest moving them elsewhere in the home.

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