Harvey's Guide to Motorised Blinds

Harvey's Guide to Motorised Blinds

What are motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds (also known as electric or smart blinds), are window treatments that are controlled wirelessly via a remote control, sensor, smartphone, tablet, or a third-party home-automation system, such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa.

The motorised system replaces the traditional manual chain or rope, making it much simpler to control any set of blinds in your home. Motorised blinds are increasing in popularity due to the rise in smart home technology, making our lives more convenient and integrated.

How do motorised blinds work?

At Half Price Blinds, our rechargeable lithium electric motors can easily be placed inside select indoor and outdoor blinds and awnings.

Our rechargeable motors are unique in their design as they don’t require installation by an electrician, which makes the luxury and convenience of automated blinds affordable for everyone. Once charged and installed, our motors can last for up to 200 cycles (i.e. raising and lowering the blinds) and can be fully recharged in around three hours.

Types of motorised blinds

The SmartHub

SmartHub motorisation is where the blinds within your home all connect wirelessly to a central device, known as a SmartHub. This device can pair with up to 20 sets of blinds within your home and is a convenient option if you want to have a variety of blind types, including indoor and outdoor blinds.

Eve MotionBlinds

Eve MotionBlinds are a type of motorised system specifically designed to integrate with Apple’s HomeKit technology, to convert regular roller blinds into motorised roller blinds. Simply scan the setup code that comes with your kit to connect your blinds with your Apple devices.

The benefits of motorised blinds

Child and pet safe

All the non-motorised blinds sold online at Half Price Blinds are child safe and comply with international safety regulations. Our range of motorised blinds, however, eliminate the need for chains, ropes, wands, or cords altogether, making them the safest option for your home. Adding not only a sleek and contemporary look to your home, but also providing complete peace of mind for your little ones to be safe.


With motorised blinds installed, you can automatically close your windows without losing your comfy spot on the couch or getting out of bed in the mornings. Motorised blinds are also particularly handy for windows that are not easily accessible, such as high ceiling windows. With outdoor blinds, having motorisation means you don’t have to go outside and face the elements if the weather changes suddenly and you want to open or close your blinds and awnings.


If your motorised blinds are controlled via a smartphone, tablet, or a third-party system, you can control your blinds from anywhere. This is particularly perfect for the times you’re away from home, as you can lower your blinds as it gets dark. Smart blinds also offer the security benefit of preventing intruders from knowing no one is home and attempting a break-in.


As motorised blinds eliminate the need for chains, ropes, wands, or cords, you’re provided with a sleek, contemporary blind that sits tucked away in the recess of your window.

Easy to use

Motorised blinds make it simple for everyone to be able to control their blinds, regardless of their ability to reach and pull a cord. These blinds can also be controlled using a variety of devices, making them easy to use and connect with any other smart devices you might have, or want to add in the future.

Frequently asked questions about smart blinds

What’s the difference between SmartHub motorisation and Eve MotionBlinds?

Eve MotionBlinds use Apple HomeKit technology, which allows Apple users to easily operate roller blinds from their Apple devices, without the need of a Hub or bridge to create a connection.

Unlike Eve MotionBlinds, SmartHub motorisation requires your indoor or outdoor blinds to be connected to a central Hub, which then pairs with your smartphone or a smart home device to control your blinds.

What types of window coverings can be motorised?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just indoor window coverings that can be motorised. If you have an outdoor entertaining area, you can also choose to install outdoor motorised blinds!

Depending on the type of motorisation that suits your needs, there are different types of window coverings that can be motorised.

For our SmartHub motorised blinds, the following blinds can be installed as motorised blinds:

Indoor motorised blind options:

Outdoor motorised blind options:

Are motorised blinds expensive?

Motorised blinds are often thought of as being an expensive window covering option for your home, however they aren’t that much more expensive than traditional manual blinds and can offer you a wide range of additional benefits. The main differences that impact the price of your motorised blinds are:

  • Whether you choose Eve MotionBlinds or the SmartHub option
  • What type of window covering you choose
  • The size of your window
  • Whether you’re installing indoor or outdoor motorised blinds
  • How many windows you’re adding motorised blinds to

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