Guide To Smart Blinds

Guide To Smart Blinds

What are smart blinds?

Instead of controlling your blinds manually with a wand or cord, there’s the option to control them using smart devices like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa or even from your smartphone!

How do smart blinds work?

Each type of smart blind varies in how it is operated, but most connect via a central hub or by using a smart home control application. Your blinds can then be automated to open and close at set times throughout the day.

Smart blinds don’t require a remote or any excess loose cords. Instead, they are all operated over wireless devices and controllers.

Are smart blinds worth it?

One of the biggest questions we get asked about smart blinds is whether they’re worth the investment.

In our opinion, there are many benefits to choosing smart blinds for your home. Keep reading to find out what these are!

Added security

Having smart blinds in your home is a great way to add security, as you can open and close your blinds when you’re out, making it look like someone is home and also preparing the house for when you return. This is particularly handy if you’re going to be home later than you expected or are going on holidays.

A safer blind option for children and pets

While all our window coverings are completely safe for children and meet international safety standards, smart blinds are an even better option to install around children and pets.

Smart blinds very rarely have any dangling cords (some do as a backup manual option), but for the most part they provide an even safer alternative blind option.

Control using your smartphone or smart home device

Many types of smart blinds can be controlled by using a smart home app on your phone. For Apple smartphones, you can use your Apple HomeKit.

This gives you the flexibility to control your blinds from anywhere, including not having to move from your comfy spot on the couch to adjust the glare on the TV screen!

A sleeker look for your home

Installing smart blinds replaces the need for loose and dangling cords, making your window coverings look neat and sleeker than blinds which are manually controlled.

Simple to install

Many smart blind options available are simple to install and can be done as a DIY project. Some older styles will need assistance from an electrician for the wiring, but there are plenty of new innovations taking out this additional expense and making it much simpler to install yourself.

Smart blind options at Half Price Blinds

Eve MotionBlinds

Eve MotionBlinds is a great smart blind option we have available. These smart blinds are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology, allowing you to control them from your iPhone.

To connect your blinds to your phone, there’s a QR code to scan using the MotionBlinds Bluetooth smartphone application, giving you the flexibility to automate your blinds for any time you like, even when you’re not home.

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