Fabric crafts: What to make with old fabric scraps or samples

Fabric crafts: What to make with old fabric scraps or samples

Fabric scraps, swatches and samples come in handy when you're making a style decision for your home. The only thing is, what do you do with them when you're done? Keep reading for some scrap fabric projects you can get started on.

Dollhouse accessories

We recommend making use of small fabric samples or swatches by using them in unexpected ways. For example, use them to add extra detail to a child's dollhouse. The small dimensions make fabric scraps ideal for miniature curtains, bed coverings, clothing or rugs within the dollhouse.


Another quirky way to use upcycle fabric scraps is to create your very own bookmark. To do so, you'll need some fabric scraps, starch spray, an iron, 'no sew' heat bond and an iron-on embellishment of your choosing.

Once you have these items, here's how to assemble your bookmark.

1.Iron the fabric using a medium heat, then lightly spray both sides with the starch.

2.Fold the edges in on all sides and iron them flat, fold in half and iron a crease, then unfold.

3.Cut a piece of 'no sew' heat bond to half the size of the fabric, place it paper side up and then iron for 2 seconds.

4.Once cool, peel back the paper, place the sides together evenly and flip it so that the glued side is closest to the iron. Then, iron for another 10 seconds.

5.Follow the directions of your iron-on embellishment to attach to the bookmark and voilà This crafty DIY item will make a great gift for any bookworms in your life.

DIY liners

Handy with a needle and thread? Use small fabric scraps or samples to upcycle your purse, wallet or even handbag, depending on the fabric size. You could also create liners for your pockets, if they've got a hole that needs to be covered.

Rugs for your pets

Let's face it, sometimes sample fabrics aren't that attractive. After all it's why they've been sitting there collecting dust in your home. That's why they can be great for creating a hardwearing rug for furry friends. Stitch whatever assortment of samples you have together to form a medium to large sized patchwork quilt. They'll love it!


If you're not a particularly crafty person or are simply short for time, don't just throw your samples away! Another way to repurpose curtain fabric scraps or samples fabrics is to donate them. Simply email or call your local charity shop to see if they are happy to accept the fabric. You can also search online to see if your council will accept the scraps in your recycling bin.

If you have success with your scrap fabric creations, don't forget to share them on social media and tag us!

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