Easy interior styling: 6 modern living room ideas

Easy interior styling: 6 modern living room ideas

Long gone are the days where a living room existed solely to relax in. After the year that was 2020, our living rooms have now transformed into multifunctional spaces where we can work, work out, study, learn, be entertained and kick back in. But how do you style such a multifunctional space? Well, keep reading to find out.

Modern living room ideas

    Upgrade your storage game

    Now that our homes sometimes have to double as our offices, gyms and movie theatres, clever storage solutions are a must. Look to sofa tables, pull-out baskets and fold down desks to allow your living room to be transformed with minimal disruption or mess.

    Comfort is key

    You'd think this would go without saying, but in past years, trends have often favoured fashion over functionality. After spending a lot more time in our own homes in 2020, we're seeing a departure from minimalism and moving towards more homely styles. Modern living rooms are now featuring more furniture, and chairs that prioritise comfort.

    Cosy chic

    Unless you're Kim and Kanye, you probably crave cosiness in your home. The key to creating a cosy home lies in the layering of soft furnishings, crafting a cohesive colour palette and soft interior lighting. Take inspiration from your grandparent's home and pair comforting pieces of furniture, cushions and accessories with your favourite contemporary pieces.

    Sheer curtains, linen curtains or vertisheer blinds are a great way to seamlessly blend contemporary with cosy. Plus, they offer excellent light control, making it easy for you to soften natural sunlight in your home.

    Bold blues

    Neutral colour palettes have dominated the world of interior styling for a number of years now. While that's not set to change too soon, there's definitely a shift towards bringing bold colours back into the mix. Rather than having your entire living room confined to earth tones or crisp whites, experiment with one strong colour. Shades of blue are becoming increasingly popular in living rooms, as they can bring a sense of tranquillity to such an often chaotic and heavily trafficked space.

    If you can't settle on one statement colour, consider introducing a pattern to your living room design. This could be in the form of artwork, a rug or even patterned blinds.

    It's all about entertainment

    If there's one thing lockdown taught us, it's that home entertainment is everything! Aside from upgrading your TV, sound system and subscription services, you can also switch up your indoor blinds to improve your home entertainment experience.

    Blockout blinds (also known as blackout blinds) are blinds made from a thick insulating fabric. The thicker nature of the fabric ensures that once your blinds are drawn, little to no outside light is able to enter the room, reducing screen glare and improving screen visibility. The end result? A lounge room that's a little closer to a movie theatre, making daytime Netflix binges all the more appealing!

    Best living room blinds

    In addition to reducing on-screen glare, the best living room blinds also increase privacy and improve airflow. Some of these styles include Roman blinds, double roller blinds, vertical blinds and Venetian blinds, which you learn more about in this blog.

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