Blinds vs Curtains: Which is Better?

Blinds vs Curtains: Which is Better?

How to decide between curtains and blinds

One of the questions I get asked all the time is whether it's better to go with curtains or blinds, but both have benefits and functions that appeal to different people and are best suited to certain rooms! Keep reading to find out more about both types of window coverings, and where they fit best.  

Benefits of blinds

  1. Offer more flexibility and light control
  2. Available in more styles
  3. Some options are suitable for wetter areas, such as the bathroom and laundry
  4. Are a great option for blockout of light
  5. Are very versatile

Benefits of curtains

  1. Add more elegance to your room
  2. Offer privacy to your space while softening incoming light
  3. Can be hung over blinds for additional privacy

Curtains vs. blinds

To help you decide between curtains and blinds, here is a breakdown of the types of window coverings available:

Types of blinds

  1. Fabric blinds
    These are blinds with either one or more fabric panels for example, Roller blinds, Double rollers and Roman blinds all fall into this category.
    The main benefit of these blinds is that they can come in a blockout fabric option to help people who need darker than usual rooms.

  2. Blinds with vertical slats
    This category includes Vertical blinds and Panel Glide Blinds.
    The main benefit of these blinds is that they are great for sliding doors, as you can open them as much as you need to access the door without damaging the blinds.

  3. Blinds with horizontal slats
    The most common blinds with horizontal slats are Vision blinds and Venetian blinds.
    The main benefit of these blinds is that you can be very precise with the angling of the slats to control how much light passes into your room.

Types of curtains

  1. Sheer curtains
    Sheer curtains are a versatile curtain option for your home and are often used as an additional privacy layer on top of blinds.
    These curtains are often used to help soften the incoming light, creating a subtle glow in your room.

Blinds and curtains in one

  1. Vertisheer blinds
    If you can’t make your mind up about whether curtains or blinds are best, why not opt for Vertisheer blinds. These blinds are considered to be both a blind and a curtain in one, due to their styling, material, and function.
    Vertisheer blinds have the functionality of Vertical blinds and the sheer fabric look of sheer curtains.

Comparing the look and feel of curtains and blinds

The look and feel that both blinds and curtains offer is quite different. A far cry from old-fashioned curtains or drapes of past eras, modern curtains can add instant elegance to a space, helping to achieve a relaxed vibe.

On the other hand, contemporary blinds can be effortlessly stylish and can make a room feel much bigger than it actually is. 

Hanging curtains over blinds

If you can't decide between curtains and blinds, you can have the best of both worlds by combining both styles. Pairing blinds with curtains allows more flexibility for styling, light-control, and privacy.

You also don't need to feel compelled to match your curtains with your blinds, you can play around with colours, texture, and styles until you find the perfect look and feel for your space.

­Got smaller windows? Going two-toned is an easy way to make your windows feel larger. Simply fit the blinds for your window and then extend the size of your curtains beyond the frame.

Are curtains or blinds cheaper?

If you’re after a simple blind, you’ll find that blinds are cheaper than curtains.

For more premium blinds, curtains are a cheaper option.

The three most affordable blinds are Roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and Vertical blinds.

If you’re building your first home, are on a budget or just need something simple, these are your go to blinds. Don’t be fooled though; while they are cheaper blind options, they are still high quality and very effective options!

Middle of the range blinds such as Double roller blinds, Panel Glide blinds and Roman blinds similar to the cost of sheer curtains, whereas more premium blinds like Vision blinds and Woodlux blinds can often be more than Vertisheer blinds, which are the more expensive option.   

How to choose between curtains and blinds

When making the decision on whether curtains or blinds are the right option for your home, the main things that you’ll need to consider are the cost, the window position, and the amount of privacy you want or need for your space.

  1. Are you on a tight budget and need a simple window covering? Go for Roller blinds, Vertical blinds, or Venetian blinds.
  2. Do you need additional privacy in your home? Pair curtains and blinds together.
  3. Do you have a window that doesn’t receive a lot of light, but you want something light to cover the glass? Sheer curtains will work for you.
  4. Do you want a sheer curtain look, with the functionality of blinds? Choose Vertisheer blinds!

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